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Amazon is a multinational technology and e-commerce conglomerate known for its vast online marketplace, cloud computing services, and innovations in various industries. Amazon’s headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington, United States.

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Amazon Key financial highlights:

  • Revenue: Amazon’s revenue is primarily influenced by factors such as online retail sales, cloud computing services (Amazon Web Services), digital content sales, advertising, and subscription services, all of which are impacted by consumer demand, market competition, and technological trends, it has reported 469.82 billion U.S. dollars in revenue.
  • Profit: One of the biggest challenges for Amazon to stay profitable is effectively managing its vast and complex supply chain operations while maintaining competitive pricing and customer satisfaction. Amazon has historically maintained a considerable net income of 33.36 billion U.S. dollars.
  • Amazon’s assets include a diverse range of holdings, including physical infrastructure such as warehouses and data centers, its intellectual property portfolio, a vast network of delivery and transportation resources, and various technology platforms and services. Please note that asset details can change over time, so it’s advisable to refer to the latest financial reports for the most up-to-date information on Amazon’s assets. Amazon has reported 420.55 billion U.S. dollars in assets.
  • The market value of Amazon in the e-commerce market is determined by factors such as the company’s financial performance, growth prospects, competitive position in e-commerce and cloud computing, investor sentiment, broader market trends, and overall economic conditions. Amazon’s current market value is 1,468 billion U.S. dollars.

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Number of companies owned by Amazon

Amazon owns 2535 companies in 56 countries. The majority of companies that are owned by Amazon are based in USA (1,729 companies). Second is Germany with 220 companies in Amazon’s control (9%). Amazon also owns many companies in Italy : 88. These three countries combined are home to 80% of all companies that are owned by Amazon.


Company information with group structure from Amazon or all 300 million companies worldwide is available in Excel, Bulk Dataset or API and can be tailored to your needs by our data experts. Ask a quote via the contact form and buy your custom-made list today!

Top 50 companies owned by Amazon




  • Inc. Seattle USA
  • Amazon.Com Services LLC Seattle USA
  • Whole Foods Market Inc. Austin USA
  • Woot LLC Carrollton USA
  • LLC Carrollton USA
  • Amazon Canada Fulfillment Services ULC Mississaugas of Scugog Island Canada
  • Amazon Payments Inc. Seattle USA
  • Whole Foods Market Group Inc. Austin USA
  • MGM Holdings Inc. Beverly Hills USA
  • MGM Holdings II Inc. Beverly Hills USA
  • Servicios Comerciales Amazon México S. de R.L. de C.V. Miguel Hidalgo Mexico
  • United Artists Films Company Beverly Hills USA
  • Amazon.Com Sales Inc. Seattle USA
  • 1life Healthcare Inc. San Francisco USA
  • Whole Foods Market California Inc. Emeryville USA
  • Zappos LLC Las Vegas USA
  • Ridge Productions Inc. Universal City USA
  • Whole Foods Market Rocky Mountain/Southwest L.P. Austin USA
  • Amazon (China) Holding Company Limited Beijing China
  • Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. Beverly Hills USA
  • LLC Las Vegas USA
  • G26 Company Los Angeles USA
  • United Artists Films Inc Los Angeles USA
  • Twitch Interactive Inc. San Francisco USA
  • Ring LLC Hawthorne USA
  • Amazon International Holdings LLC Seattle USA
  • Orion Pictures Corporation Beverly Hills USA
  • Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. Beverly Hills USA
  • Zoox Inc. Foster USA
  • A100 Row Inc. Wilmington USA
  • Zappos Ip Inc. Las Vegas USA
  • MGM Television Entertainment Inc. Los Angeles USA
  • MGM and Ua Services Company Beverly Hills USA
  • Wfm-Wo Inc. Austin USA
  • Amzn Mobile LLC San Francisco USA
  • United Artists Pictures Inc. Los Angeles USA
  • AMAZON WEB SERVICES EMEA SARL City of London UnitedKingdom
  • Amazon Int’l. Inc. Seattle USA
  • Whole Foods Market Pacific Northwest Inc. Seattle USA
  • AMAZON ONLINE UK LIMITED City of London UnitedKingdom
  • THE BOOK DEPOSITORY LIMITED City of London UnitedKingdom
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Amazon’s company information is available in Excel and contains company name, postal address, revenue, number employees, contact information, email address, phone number, website, social media link, founding year, activity, sector and many other data fields. This database of companies owned by Amazon is therefore suitable for all purposes: from direct marketing to analysis or market research. Do you want to target competitors of Amazon? BoldData can deliver company information from all 300 million companies worldwide in 2,000 industries. All our company data is verified continuously by automated processes and human eyes.


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Frequently asked questions about our data from Amazon

Amazon: Shaping the Future of Commerce


Amazon, a global technological behemoth, has emerged as a transformative force in the world of commerce and innovation. With its roots in e-commerce, Amazon has expanded its influence across various industries, becoming a cornerstone of modern consumerism.

E-Commerce Pioneer:

From its inception as an online bookstore, Amazon’s e-commerce prowess has revolutionized shopping. The company’s user-centric approach, vast product selection, and efficient delivery mechanisms have redefined the retail landscape.

Beyond Shopping: Amazon’s Ecosystem:

Amazon’s dominion extends beyond traditional retail. It has fostered a sprawling ecosystem that encompasses Amazon Web Services (AWS), a powerhouse in cloud computing; Amazon Prime, a subscription service offering diverse benefits; and Amazon Originals, a platform for streaming content.

Innovation and Disruption:

Innovative thinking is deeply embedded in Amazon’s DNA. From its pioneering use of customer data to enhance experiences to the introduction of cashier-less stores and drone delivery, the company continuously challenges norms and reshapes industries.

Challenges in Growth:

As Amazon grows, it faces challenges of scale. Balancing rapid expansion with sustainable practices, addressing competition concerns, and maintaining a customer-centric approach are critical in its journey.

Global Impact: Shaping Commerce and Technology: Amazon’s influence is global, altering how people shop, consume media, and utilize cloud services. The company’s footprint in various countries and sectors speaks to its ability to drive change on a global scale.

The Future: Unlimited Horizons:

Amazon’s future is one of boundless potential. With a persistent focus on innovation, diversification, and customer satisfaction, the company is poised to continue shaping the trajectory of commerce and technology.

Conclusion: Reimagining Commerce and Beyond:

Amazon’s evolution transcends its origins as an online marketplace. It encapsulates a vision of reshaping industries, pioneering technology, and delivering convenience to customers. As Amazon forges ahead, its journey remains one of constant transformation, redefining not only how we shop but how we perceive and interact with the world around us.

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  • Company name
  • Trade name
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • Address Street
  • Address House number
  • Postal Code
  • City
  • Province
  • Country
  • Name CEO Contact details
  • Telephone
  • Mobile
  • Website
  • E-mail
  • International code
  • Language
  • NationalID
  • Starting year
  • Chamber of Commerce number
  • Import / export
  • Number of branches / entities
  • Industry
  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • Number of employees
  • Revenue
  • Group structures (ownership)
  • Historical revenue
  • Financial information

This a DDMA accreditated, premium companies list which is continuously updated by various sources such as the local Chamber of Commerce, Municipal Population Distribution Facility, Central Insolvency Register for receiverships and bankruptcies, Central Statistics Office, Market Reports, News and press releases, Publishers, Branch Organizations, Internet and deep web (Big Data).

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