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We are BoldData: International provider of first-class B2B and B2C databases. Our clients use international data to acquire new customers worldwide, enrich their databases or even build completely new businesses. With driven data experts, respected data providers and smart technology, we help organizations to optimize the power of international data.

BoldData is based at Vijzelgracht 53D, 1017HP Amsterdam, The Netherlands. BoldData has the following 5 different entities that obligate to this privacy policy.

  • BoldData B.V. – registered under number 67371485.
  • BoldData Consumer Data B.V. – registered under number 88776565.
  • BoldData Germany B.V. – registered under number 88776557.
  • BoldData Realtime Data B.V. – registered under number 88776581.
  • BoldData Financial Data B.V. – registered under number 88776573.

BoldData can be reached by regular mail, phone: +31 (0)20 7052360 and email: BoldData is member of the DDMA and ensures the DDMA Privacy Quality Mark.

Privacy Policy

BoldData processes personal data in accordance with the applicable relevant privacy legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and acts in accordance with the GDPR privacy principles regarding the processing of personal data; fairness, lawfulness, transparency, explicit, lawful purposes of processing, data minimization, accuracy of data, storage limits, respect for the rights of data subjects, integrity and confidentiality.

The data suppliers that BoldData works with for its services in favor of its clients are subject to a qualitative selection procedure to ensure that they have all the required technical expertise to deliver the necessary level of security and confidentiality regarding the processing of international data, including personal data. In the applicable agreement between BoldData, its clients and data suppliers, the obligations and responsibilities regarding compliance with relevant privacy legislation, including the requirements of the GDPR, are set out.

Personal data

BoldData may process the following personal data of its clients and data suppliers: company name, address, country, phone number, mobile number, fax number, email address, website, first and last name of contact person, gender of contact person, function title of contact person, data of trade register, contact history and content of messages.

As part of its services BoldData may process the following personal data of data subjects: company name, trade name, company and private address, country, telephone number, mobile number, email address, company website, LinkedIn profile, fax number, first and last name contact person, gender contact person, job title contact person, first and last name CEO, director, directors, shareholders, data of trade register.


BoldData may process personal data of its clients and data suppliers for the following purposes:

  • Legal obligations, including tax legislation
  • Administration and service, including keeping a database up to date with current and potential clients, data suppliers and contact persons, in order to perform its services as optimal as possible, to be able to reach its clients and data suppliers and to provide them with the best possible information and services
  • To execute agreements with g. its clients and data suppliers
  • Marketing for recruitment of new clients, including newsletters to provide information about current, new and future services of BoldData
  • Market research and analysis, quality of data and data management to improve its services

BoldData may process personal data of data subjects for the following purposes:

  • To promote legal certainty in economic transactions and, through transparency, to promote and support the economic activities of clients
  • Making customized selections and providing insight into the most interesting companies and stakeholders (b2b and b2c) that may be interested in certain services and/or products of clients
  • Updating, supplementing or deleting (cleaning up) a customer database for a CRM system for a client, which increases the quality of customer data by cleansing, updating, duplicate, outdated and missing company information
  • Market research and analysis, data quality and data management to improve the services of clients and to analyze and enrich the data provided by clients to help them identify risks and opportunities and improve their business operations, gain a better understanding of the market and increase their economic opportunities

BoldData does not retain personal data longer than necessary for the purposes for which BoldData processes personal data. Data subjects can contact BoldData for more information.

Grounds for processing

BoldData processes personal data to execute a legal obligation, an agreement (e.g. with clients and data suppliers), on the basis of consent and to execute the legitimate interest of BoldData, its clients and data suppliers, such as direct marketing towards b2b and b2c involved data subjects and to promote and support economic activities of clients and data suppliers.

BoldData is very careful with the privacy of data subjects and strives in its services to prevent and limit as much as possible breaches of privacy of data subjects. BoldData does not use automated decision making, including profiling.

Data subjects may withdraw their consent for a certain processing of personal data and file a complaint with the relevant privacy authority if they are of the opinion that BoldData does not act in accordance with the applicable privacy legislation. For the Netherlands this is the ‘Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens’ (AP).

Data subjects ‘ rights

Data subjects may make the following requests to BoldData:

  • To verify which personal data BoldData is processing and to adjust if it is not correct
  • Removal of personal data, whereby BoldData for specific (legal) purposes (g. tax administration) still needs to process this data
  • Limitation of the processing of personal data
  • Object against processing of personal data, in which case BoldData will cease such processing immediately, unless urgent, legitimate grounds for BoldData to continue processing, in which case BoldData will contact you as soon as possible.
  • Transmit personal data on a commonly used and machine-readable format.

BoldData has taken necessary physical, electronic, technical and organizational measures to protect and secure personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration or unauthorized disclosure or access.

Service providers

BoldData uses service providers to perform its services. These can be third party recipients, such as tax authorities, or processors who process personal data of BoldDatas clients, data suppliers and/or data subjects, such as an accounting application or Google Analytics.


The Privacy Policy of BoldData is occasionally updated, for example in the event the website of BoldData or the privacy legislation change. Each amendment will be published here, and we therefore recommend you to check this Privacy Policy regularly.

Amsterdam, 21-02-2023

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