SIC code

A SIC code is the standard classification for all companies worldwide. A SIC Code describes the primary business activity of a company. With more than 10,000 unique classifications, SIC codes have been extended to create the most accurate way to target businesses.Businesses often use SIC codes to identify companies within specific industries for marketing purposes. By determining the SIC code of their best clients, they can use this information to successfully acquire more customers within that industry. BoldData delivers a custom made and highly accurate mailing list of your ideal SIC code. Discover all the SIC codes below and ask us for a quote.

SIC Code Restaurants

SIC Code Restaurants contains all data from restaurants worldwide. Get a quote for highly accurate eating places data and we deliver in Excel.

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SIC Code Healthcare

SIC Code Healthcare contains all healthcare institutes and doctors worldwide Find out more about this SIC 80 companies list, amounts, pricing and possibilities.

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SIC code Hotels

SIC Code hotels contains data from all hotels worldwide. BoldData delivers a tailored list of SIC 70 – hotels in Excel

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SIC code Trucking

Target all transport companies in SIC code 15. This list contains all logistics companies Please call us for advice if you can’t find your ideal target audience!

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SIC Code Real Estate

SIC Code Real Estate contains all data from Real estate companies worldwide. We deliver a custom made list with information from SIC code real estate in Excel.

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SIC Code Schools

Get the official list with SIC codes for Schools SIC code 82 – primary and secundary schools with 2 million schools worldwide. Delivery in Excel

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SIC Code Financial Services

Get the official list with SIC codes for Financial services SIC code 60 for banks and insurances – with 13 million companies worldwide | Delivery in Excel

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SIC Code auto repair

Get the official list with SIC codes for Automotive services SIC code 75 – auto repair shops, with 1.8 million companies worldwide

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SIC Code Landscaping

Get the official list with SIC codes for Landschaping SIC code 078- landscape and horticultural, with 546.755 companies worldwide

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SIC Code Construction

Get the official list with SIC codes for Construction SIC code 15 – Contractors and Builders, with 10 million companies worldwide

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