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BoldData uses on its website cookies and similar technologies to make the visit to our site as easy and personal as possible, and will process among others the following personal data, the length of the visit and the type of web browser that is used : IP address, social IDS, cookie IDS, and web browsing.

On the BoldData website, consent can be given in the cookie banner for the placing of commercial cookies. If you do not give consent, BoldData will only place functional and analytical cookies.


Cookies are small text files that are placed on a PC, tablet or mobile phone by an internet page. A cookie contains information about the browsing history on a website, such as the server’s name that placed the cookie and a unique identification number. Cookies are placed for various purposes. For example, they can save preferences, but also help to develop and improve services by compiling visitor statistics and percentages and increase the usability of BoldDatas services. With every visit to BoldDatas website information like visited webpages and links is automatically collected.

Functional Cookies

BoldData places functional cookies to ensure the proper functioning of the website and for example to manage the cookie consent of its website visitors and to store the chosen settings, such as language, of the website visitor.

Analytical Cookies

BoldData uses analytical cookies to investigate the use of its website and measure visitor numbers. In this way a cookie can be placed on the computer or mobile device of the website visitor. This gives BoldData insight in how and how often its website is used, and based on that insight, the website can be adjusted to make sure it works in an optimal way.

Google Analytics


With Google Analytics, BoldData can store the following data in cookies to measure and analyse anonymous website visits:

  • IP address
  • Technical characteristics such as which browser is used and the resolution of the computer screen
  • From which page one comes to visit the BoldData website
  • When and how long the BoldData website is visited or used
  • Whether use is made of functionalities of the BoldData website
  • Which webpages of the BoldData website are visited

This cookie does not process personal data and is automatically deleted after 2 years.

Advertising Cookies

BoldData can also place advertising or tracking cookies from amongst others the following third-party websites to get insight in the performance of for example LinkedIn ads (via the buttons ‘share’ or ‘interesting’) and to measure the effectiveness of ads:

  • com: to measure and monitor the effectiveness of advertisements and website visits. These cookies are automatically deleted after 13 months.
  • net (Google): to measure the effectiveness of an ad and check whether the browser used accepts the cookies. This cookie is automatically deleted after 2 years.
  • com and (Google Analytics): to measure and analyse (personalized) website visits. This cookie is automatically deleted after 2 years.
  • com (LinkedIn Analytics and LinkedIn Ads): to recognize companies and individuals who visit the website as a result of the display of ads on LinkedIn. The IP addresses are truncated or hashed, and the direct IDs of members are removed within 7 days to make the data pseudonymous. LinkedIn does not share the personal data with the website owner, it only provides anonymous reports (about website audience and advertising performance). This cookie is automatically deleted after 180 days.
  • com and to deliver advertising products from third party advertisers. This cookie is automatically deleted after 3 months.
Deletion of cookies

The easiest way to remove cookies is through the browser. The following links per most used browser refer to how cookies can be deleted:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari (IOS)
  • Safari (macOS)

The Cookie Policy of BoldData is occasionally modified, for example because the website of BoldData or the rules around cookies change. Each amendment will be published here, and we therefore recommend you to check this Cookie Policy regularly.

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