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Find new clients worldwide with our highly accurate company database with 341.897.577 businesses and contacts from 100+ countries. Delivered in bulk or custom made to your needs in a Excel sheet within 24 hours

Make a bold move into new markets with our accurate company database

Every single contact from our company databased with 341 million+ companies comes directly from local sources that you can trust and are GDPR proof. These sources include chamber of commerces, market surveys, business listings, directories, magazines, public records, websites, conferences, telephone directories, publishers, social media and commercial partnerships. All our company data is verified by automated processes and human eyes on a ongoing basis. Have an edge against your competition with our comprehensive B2B company database. Ask us for a quote!

Purchase a company database in three steps:


Tell us who you want to target

Our team of data experts take the time to understand your business, target group and campaign. Based on these insights we create a highly targeted company database based on more than 10.000 criteria. From country and number of employees to industry type and job title.


Get a quick count of your company database

You’ll get free quote and a detailed count of your company database within 24 hours. On request we can provide a free sample with a selection of 10 contacts. Based on your feedback we polish the company database to perfection.


Company database delivery in 24 hours

Satisfied and want to launch your campaign? Then we deliver the company database in Excel /CSV within 24 hours. And you can start your marketing efforts with uttermost effectiveness

Business database you can trust

We provide only the highest quality direct marketing company database and keep it in top shape. Our ever-growing company is continually verified and updated for accuracy. And fully compliant with data protection laws. It’s a misconception that data can’t be used in Europe because of the GDPR effective from may 2018. This law says, company databases with personal data composed before the GDPR, can still be used and traded. Of course you have to comply with the law concerning the use of this data which our legal experts are happy to advice about. Contact us for more information about complying with the law. In short: we deliver company data you can trust. As an international data specialist BoldData ensures that your (international) campaign always complies with the latest laws.

To ensure compliancy BoldData is being audited on a yearly basis by the Data Driven Marketing Organisation. We think it is important that our customers know that we use data from third parties with care. To reinforce that power, BoldData has been awarded the privacy guarantee seal of the DDMA. We take privacy uttermost seriously and only work with company databases you can trust. Need advice? Contact our privacy expert!

Business directory for global direct mail

Our company database is used daily by 1.000+ companies worldwide for direct marketing purposes. All over world companies are using our data for direct mail campaigns. It’s no wonder that the Dutch Post (PostNL) has joined forces with BoldData for delivering addresses for all global direct mail campaigns. Not just by delivering mailpieces, brochures, catalogues and other direct mail, but also by providing the matching international data to target prospects. Why is BoldData the right data partner for PostNL? As an international data expert we offer global reach, but local quality. Meaning all our data is coming from trustable local sources and therefore of the highest value and best prices. Moreover we’re not just a data company. We’re direct marketing sparring partners who truly understands international data and direct mail and its’ local dynamics, laws and challenges. We bring profond international expertise to the table, enabling PostNL to exceed expectations.

Telephone directory for telemarketing

All over the world numerous call centers use our company database for telemarketing purposes. The reason call centers choose BoldData is because telemarketing campaigs are highly dependent on accurate data. Our uttermost dataquality always results a higher percentage of effective calls. Everyone in the call business knows that the more effective a call agent can make calls the less time is wasted and thefere for call centers and their customers safe thousands of Euro’s in wasted hours by using better and more frequently updated data. It’s no wonder that Crazycall has listed BoldData as a top company database supplier.

Company database for market research

Buying addresses for market research is (too) often forgotten. Do you want to start a new product or company? Then market research is essential. The first step is already very valuable because you think about your target group. Which industry is your target group in? But also in which region and company size? Then you will find out how large that target group is. For example, all 1 million restaurants in Europe? Take the most important step now by taking an interview / examining all addresses or looking at a sample of, for example, 1,000 addresses from restaurants. Based on this you will find out if companies are waiting for your idea.

Companies database for apps

Today more and more companies and startups know where to find us to buy addresses for their app. Often it is even an essential part to be able to build the application at all. For example if you want to start a phone book app. You can still build such a nice app and develop a search engine, but if you don’t have names, phone numbers and addresses, you can’t start. Do you have a specific app for yoga schools, restaurants or do you want to start a hotel booking website? BoldData is the specialist is supplying highly accurate company databases In bulk license or real time via an API

Keep your own Company database up-to-date by BoldData

Keeping your data in good condition is often overlooked by companies and even by the biggest companies on the planet. Because obtaining data is one thing, but maintaining your data properly is a whole different ball game. Especially now that data is coming in through all kinds of channels: from social media to newsletter subscriptions and website leads. Add to that the fact that account managers enter new contacts into your CRM system every day. But don’t think that an account manager will adjust the address and telephone number a company is moving. More data means more care to keep your company database up-to-date and clean. Fortunately it doesn’t have to be difficult. You can do this automatically by comparing your address file with our company database of all 3 million companies in the Netherlands. So you don’t have to do the dirty work yourself.

What you can expect from BoldData

  • Global coverage, unbeatable local data
  • Company database for any purpose
  • Privacy compliant: business data you can trust
  • Delivery within 24 hours
  • Delivered in a custom Excel sheet or in bulk
  • Our customers rate us 9.3 out of 10
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