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Reach residents around the globe with highly accurate consumer databases. Consumer Data is information relating to a consumers demographics. It's mostly used for analytics, identity verification and utilizing marketing campaigns.

Have peace of mind by using GDPR proof consumer data

Our consumer data is applied to support more effective and strategic decision making – for example, understanding the demographics of your target audience, verification of clients or enrichment of your customer data.  Our data experts only source consumer databases from the most accurate and GDPR proof sources information available. We customize the perfect residential consumer data with dozens of selections such as age, income, home value, car information, and geography. BoldData is the top supplier data supplier because we make use of thousands of local data sources. These sources include population registers, chamber of commerces, market surveys, business listings, directories, magazines, public records, websites, conferences, telephone directories, publishers, social media and commercial partnerships. All our consumer data is verified by automated processes and human eyes on a ongoing basis. Have an edge against your competition with our comprehensive B2C database. Ask us for a quote!

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Our team of data experts take the time to understand your business, target group and campaign. Based on these insights we create a highly targeted Consumer Data based on more than 10.000 criteria and 200 demographics. From country, city and number of employees to industry type and revenue.


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You’ll get free quote and a detailed count of your Consumer Database within 24 hours. On request we can provide a free sample with a selection of 10 records. Based on your feedback we polish the Consumer Data to perfection.


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Satisfied and want to launch your campaign? Then we deliver the Consumer Data in Excel /CSV within 24 hours. And you can start your marketing efforts with uttermost effectiveness.

Which Consumer Data can BoldData deliver?

Middle Name206427296
Car Owner28844218
Updates 6 times /year

What is Consumer data?

Consumer data refers to all personal, behavioural, and demographic data that is collected by marketing companies and departments from their customer base. To some extent, data collection from customers intrudes into customer privacy, the exact limits to the type and amount of data collected need to be regulated. The data collected is processed in customer analytics. The data collection is thus aimed at insights into customer behaviour and, eventually, profit maximization by consolidation and expansion of the customer base.

In the internet age, a prominent method for collecting customer data is through explicit online surveys, but also through concealed methods like measurement of click-through and abandonment rates.

Consumer data is gathered for customer research, especially customer satisfaction research and purportedly serves to increase overall customer satisfaction. Consumer data can also be used for marketing purposes depending on the local telecommunication act within the country.

Example sources of consumer data


Speech analytics

Speech analytics – used to monitor telephone conversations taking place between companies and customers, using phonetic analysis or speech to text to find keywords and phrases, classify call types and identify trends.

Click tracking

Click tracking used to monitor the popularity and usage of corporate web sites, this data can provide clues to product interest and buying intention. For example, a company may infer a customer is interested in purchasing a particular service if they are spending time browsing specific product pages.

Customer relationship management

software solutions used for to manage customer relationships which can store data on the quantity, type and category of customer and prospect contacts.

Frontline data capture

Frontline data capture which may (or may not) form part of a CRM software solution, but which is used by front line agents to record more subjective data regarding customer contacts, such as the root cause of the customer picking up the phone (e.g. they received their bill) or their emotional state.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction and market research surveys, often mined via text analytics, which can additionally be applied, for customer intelligence purposes, to contact center notes, e-mail, and other textual sources

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