Data enriching: add value to your data

With BoldData's data enrichment services you add missing information to your customer database. We fill the gaps to make it more correct, complete and reliable. Get access to valuable insights about your customers that can help to improve your strategies.

Worldwide data enriching

Boost your worldwide data to enhance competitive analysis, optimize sales data, or establish price comparisons. Comprehensive data enrichment practices elevate the value of raw data, enhancing your competitive advantage. No matter where in the world your customers are: we can update and add missing information to your business and consumer databases. From phone numbers and email addresses to valuable firmographic information such as turnover, number of employees and industry. Take advantage of our industry leading business database and add value to your data.

Add value to your data in 5 simple steps


We learn your goals

Our data experts take the time to understand how we can enrich your database –  Before enriching your data, we’ll make sure everyone is clear on what you need and what you’re going to use it for.


Match databases

Your data is matched to our accurate, verified and trusted database with our robust matching software.


Free audit

We assess the quality, completeness, and accuracy of your existing data. We show  you where the gaps in your records are so that you don’t waste time sorting through redundant, unneeded data.


We deliver the data

We return the original file enriched with our data


Start your campaings

You can start saving time and money, improve customer retention and prospect smarter

Take advantage of our industry leading data enrichment services

We enrich your database with only the highest quality business data. Our industry leading database consists of 2 billion consumers and 227 million contacts across 341 million companies worldwide. It welcomes more than 600,000 companies each month and is continually verified and updated for accuracy. The perfect source for data enrichment services.

Data enriching with high data-quality external sources

Missing, incomplete, and outdated records are the primary detractors to customer data quality. Data enrichment is the solution smart companies are employing in order to correct these issues and confidently make data-driven sales and marketing decisions. Our unique combination of data experts who care, process excellence, and platform capabilities is the hallmark of our highest quality results for truly robust data enriching.

GDPR proof data enrichment services

Data enrichment processes can be set up to optimize for compliance with GDPR, do-not-call lists and any other regulatory requirements. This ensures that your data is not only accurate and complete but also legal. Even if regulations change in the future, ongoing enrichment can preserve the utility of the data. Laws like the European Union’s GDPR have imposed limits on what types of customer data can be stored, and for how long. If you don’t have mechanisms in place to scrub your databases and bring your datasets into compliance, your only options are to discard potentially valuable data or risk subjecting yourself to fines and penalties. All BoldData’s databases are accreditated and approved by the Data Driven Marketing Association. Have peace of mind and secure yourself from privacy and telecommunication issues by using GDPR proof certified data for enrichment.

Custom advice by data enrichment experts

Enriched data can introduce distractions and confusion, so it’s counterproductive to enrich existing data with additional information that isn’t necessary for your purposes. Enrichment should always serve segmentation—and vice versa. The more you can restrict and “tighten” your data sets to focus on specific target segments, the more ROI you’ll realize on your data enrichment activities.That’s why our data experts will make a tailor advice before we start the data enrichment services.


What you can expect from BoldData

  • Worldwide reach, unbeatable local data
  • Robust matching software for better data enriching results
  • Privacy compliant: business data you can trust
  • GDPR proof such as global chamber of commerces
  • Delivery within 24 hours
  • Our customers rate us 8.7 out of 10
  • Data enrichment services worldwide
  • Consumer data enrichment
  • Business data enriching
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