Databases overview

Start you campaign today and shatter your marketing and sales goals with highly detailed global business data. No matter what industry, country or decision maker you want to target, we deliver the best-suited mailing list for your campaign. Choose your target from the overview to get detailed information about the database, amounts, pricing and possibilities.

Data specials

With our data-specials we’ve taken the extra mile with our database. Start your campaign with rare mailing lists.

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Decision makers

Start your campaign with decision makers data in any country! From e-mail addresses of HR managers in The Netherlands to all CEO’s in Europe.

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Start your campaign with local data quality on global scale! From all companies in Scandinavia to companies to all large companies worldwide.

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Directories in industries

Take your channel campaign to the next level. Choose your target audience in the below list to get more information about the database, amounts, pricing and possibilities.

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Target your ideal industry! From a database of hotels in Paris to all car dealers in Europe. Please call us for advice if you can’t find your ideal target audience!

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Company Lists in Countries

BoldData company databases covers 200+ countries and 3.000+ industries. Scale your business into any territory worldwide.

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Boost your marketing and sales campaigns’ success rate and achieve your KPIs easily with BoldData’s made made business directories

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Target experienced, knowledgeable, and highly qualified general practitioners, doctors, surgeons with BoldData’s organized worldwide healtcare list from BoldData.

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German Databases

Grow your connection with German companies with our premium database of 5.726.178 businesses in Germany.

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Data By Region

Localize your marketing campaigns with data by any region worldwide. From Paris to New York.

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B2B Databases

Scale your business developments team to great heights with our accurate B2B databases

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Companies in Industries

Find your niche in our worldwide company database with 300 million+ companies in 3.000 industries.

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