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Scale your call center activities with our highly accurate mobile phone database with billions of businesses and consumers from 100+ countries. Delivered in bulk or custom made to your needs in a Excel sheet within 24 hours.

Boost your number of effective calls with our worldwide mobile phone database

If you need accurate and affordable residential and business mobile phone data for your telemarketing and lead generation campaign, our mobile phone database is your answer. Our mobile phone database is typically sold by country in bulk for competitive prices, but we’ve introduced custom lists to bring even more value and give you a wider choice. Our affordable custom mobile phone lists are always tailored based on your ideal profile and hence our customer will have much effective calls per agent. Start your telemarketing campaign from our total database of 200 million B2B Mobile Phones and 1 billion+ residential mobile phones. Our Mobile phone database is verified by automated processes and human eyes on a ongoing basis and comes directly from local sources that you can trust and are GDPR proof. Don’t hesitate and start scaling your business with our compliant and affordable Mobile phone database. Ask us for a quote!

Purchase a Mobile phone database in three steps:


Tell us what your target is

Our team of data experts take the time to understand your business, target group and campaign. Based on these insights we create a highly targeted company database based on 5.000 industries and 200+ data fields. From country, city and number of employees to industry type and revenue.


Get a quick count of your Mobile Phone list

You’ll get free quote and a detailed count of your Mobile phone database within 24 hours. On request we can provide a free sample with a selection of 10 records. Based on your feedback we polish the Mobile phone database to perfection.


Mobile phone database delivery in 24 hours

Satisfied and want to launch your campaign? Then we deliver the Mobile phone database in Excel /CSV within 24 hours. And you can start your marketing efforts with uttermost effectiveness.

Mobile Phone Database for telemarketing

All across the world hundreds of call centers use our Mobile phone database for telemarketing purposes. The reason so many call centers choose BoldData is because telemarketing campaigns are highly dependent on the accuracy of the callings lists. Our unmatched dataquality results in a higher percentage of effective calls. It’s no secret in the telemarketing industry that the more effective a call agent can make calls the less time is wasted. This results that call centers and their customers safe thousands of Euro’s in wasted hours by using better and more frequently updated Mobile Phone Databases. One way BoldData guarantees a higher effectiviness is by delivering accurate telephone directories of decision makers such as HR managers and CEO’s. By using these decision makers lists you surpass the so called gatekeepers such as receptionists. Meaning you can talk directly to the person that going to buy from your company.

100% GDPR compliant Mobile Phone Database

Every single telephone number from our Mobile Phone Database with 300 million+ companies and 1 billion consumers is legally sourced from local databanks that you can trust company and are GDPR proof. By using local mobile phone data you make sure all data is sources according the local privacy standards. E.g. in some countries there are local registers where companies and consumer can opt-out for telemarketing. BoldData only takes ethical sources that comply with the local rules. These sources have a wide variety of activities, such telecommunication companies, local chamber of commerces, business listings, directories, business magazines, public open data sources, websites, trade shows, media publishers, social media and other commercial partnerships.

To proof our privacy guarantees BoldData is being audited on a yearly basis by the Data Driven Marketing Organisation. We think it is important that our customers know that we use telemarketing directories from third parties with care. To reinforce that power, BoldData has been awarded the privacy guarantee seal of the trade association for data driven marketing (DDMA). We take privacy uttermost seriously and only work with company databases you can trust.

Opt out for Mobile Phone Databases

We said it before: all our data is GDPR proof and compliant. But we don’t stop there. Because in each country you have to care of companies and consumer who don’t want to be called anymore. This is a so called A Robinson list or Mail Preference Service (MPS). These opt-out telephone list is an opt-out list of people who do not wish to receive marketing transmissions. In each country these lists are different. In The Netherlands there is the don’t call me register. With each Dutch telemarketing campaign you will have to remove everyone that is registered in the Bel Me Niet Register. Contact us for more information about deduplicating with local Robinson lists. In short: we deliver telephone directories you can trust. As an international data specialist BoldData ensures that your (international) telemarketing campaign always complies with the latest Robinson lists.

Code of conduct for Mobile Phone Databases

So there’s the GDPR and local Robinson lists. What else is important?

To guarantee the quality of unsolicited commercial telephone calls, telemarketing companies have drawn up rules themselves. These rules are set out in the Telemarketing Code. Within the Telemarketing Code, a distinction is made between the Telemarketing Advertising Code and the Telemarketing Code of Conduct.

  • Telemarketing advertising code

The telemarketing advertising code contains rules that relate to commercial telephone conversations. For example, a telemarketer must clearly state on behalf of which company he or she is calling. And the telemarketer may not make offers to people he or she suspects are under the age of 16.

The Telemarketing Advertising Code also describes the times at which the telemarketer may call someone and how the right to object and the do not call me register must be offered.

Buying Mobile Phone Lists for market research

You may call anyone unannounced for market research. You do not have to take the Do-me-not Register into account. The reason for this is that conducting market research is not a sale. For this reason, companies may approach everyone unannounced.

Private individuals can do something about this, private individuals can register with the MOA research filter. The MOA research filter is the Bel-me-not register for (market) research. As soon as someone registers for the MOA research filter, he / she may no longer be approached by telephone for (market) research unannounced.

The MOA research filter only applies to unannounced market research. If you inform the person in advance, for example by means of a letter requesting participation in telephone research, you may approach this person regardless of his or her registration with the MOA research filter.

Mobile phone database UK and Europe

We’re a global calling list provider. With a strong focus and Europe and UK. In UK we can deliver 40 million consumer phone numbers, company addresess, emails, websites and mobile phones of decision makers. Aswell as millions of consumer addresses. In Europe we have more than 200 million phone numbers of companies with the highest accuracy rates in the industry. We work with local European TelCo companies and thus have the highest amount of mobile phones in the industry. The process couldn’t be easier. Just tell us your country and we deliver a custom build telephone directory in Excel file with 24 hours.

The MOA research filter only applies to unannounced market research. If you inform the person in advance, for example by means of a letter requesting participation in telephone research, you may approach this person regardless of his or her registration with the MOA research filter.

What you can expect from BoldData


  • Our customers rate us 9.3 out of 10
  • Phone numbers (landlines)
  • Mobile phone numbers
  • Names and addresses
  • Email addresses, websites
  • Delivery within 24 hours
  • Delivered in a custom Excel sheet or in bulk
  • Our customers rate us 9.3 out of 10
  • Delivered in a custom Excel sheet or in bulk/API
  • Global coverage, unbeatable private company data

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