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Fuel your data driven project with GDPR proof company data from all 310,401,777 businesses in the World. Delivered in bulk or custom made to your needs in a Excel sheet within 24 hours

Enter new markets with accurate company data

Every single business from our company data with 310 million+ companies comes directly from local sources that you can trust and that are GDPR proof. These sources include chamber of commerces, market surveys, business listings, directories, magazines, public records, websites, conferences, telephone directories, publishers, social media and commercial partnerships.

More company data with added value

All our company data is enriched continuously by automated processes and human eyes on a ongoing basis. This results in higher coverage of financial metrics, revenue, websites, contact details, email addresses, mobile phone numbers, latitude/longitude, revenue, employee size, opening hours, geocodes, import / export.Have an edge against your competition with our comprehensive B2B company data. Delivered in a custom-made Excel sheet, bulk dataset or API. Simply ask us for a quote via the contact form.

310,401,777 Companies World wide

Company Data Africa4371144
Company Data Asia-Pasific113157162
Company Data Central America1935018
Company Data Central Asia2356534
Company Data Central/Eastern Europe22186099
Company Data Middle East3258583
Company Data North America68111109
Company Data Oceania10517356
Company Data South America30499597
Company Data Western Europe54009175
Total Worldwide310401777

Purchase company data in three steps:

Company Data for tech teams

Today more and more companies and startups know where to find us to buy data in bulk to fuel their application. Often it is even an essential part to be able to build the application at all. For example if you want to start a phone book app. You can still build such a nice app and develop a search engine, but if you don’t have names, phone numbers and addresses, you can’t start. Do you have a specific app for yoga schools, restaurants or do you want to start a fintech company? BoldData is the specialist in supplying highly accurate company data In bulk licenses or real time via an API.

Keep your own company data up-to-date by BoldData

Keeping your data in good condition is often overlooked by companies and even by the biggest companies on the planet. Because obtaining data is one thing, but maintaining your data properly is a whole different ball game. Especially now that data is coming in through all kinds of channels: from social media to newsletter subscriptions and website leads. Add to that the fact that account managers enter new contacts into your CRM system every day. But don’t think that an account manager will adjust the address and telephone number if a company is moving offices. More data means more care to keep your company data up-to-date and clean.

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