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BoldData’s B2B Contact List will give your sales and marketing campaigns a serious boost. With in-depth business information from all business to business companies, you’ll have everything you need to build your B2B leadgen funnels. Are you looking for consumer (B2C) contact lists? We’ve got you covered aswell. Please have a look here.

Scale your pipeline with our accurate B2B contact list

In business, time is money, and that’s why we aim to save you both with this high accurate business to business contact list. The most important element of any marketing campaign is a reliable contact list.  BoldData can help you scale your sales and marketing campaigns by delivering huge amounts of accurate email, phones and contacts from all industries. From B2B e-mailmarketing to B2B telemarketing: you decide how you scale your pipeline. Discover some of the options in the overview below and request a free quote via the contact form. Do you need a B2B database in a specific industry, city or country? No problem, we’re here to help: we can help you worldwide with B2B databases in all countries and cities.

B2B Contact List

CEO B2B contact list3090613
Vice President1775944
President B2B contact list1597081
Managing Director1366318
Regional director1334993
Branch director1169533
Deputy Director1129988
Director ad interim1065013
Managing board1024365
Owner B2B contact list919700
Partner B2B contact list887143
Staff officer847832
Business Unit Manager814672
Business Development Manager800701
Area Manager B2B contact list713445
Business Manager704346
Manager B2B contact list690622
Franchisee B2B contact list622938
Regional manager616925
Assistant manager599826
Company director564516
Branch manager537135
Location manager512466
Branch holder B2B contact list512127
Supervisory Board member498561
Chairman of the Board of Directors485716
A member of the board481530
Vice-chairman of the Board of Directors477452
Secretary to the Board of Directors448475
Board member B2B contact list426210
Financial director421775
Head of Administration400072
Administrator B2B contact list396464
Administrative assistant359148
Librarian B2B contact list343685
Counselor B2B contact list327729
Department head324480
Group leader312004
Assistant B2B contact list307463
Personal Assistant295458
Policy officer B2B contact list291414
Policy manager291227
Office worker286395
Consultant B2B contact list272593
External employee248522
Head B2B contact list244104
Project Manager222299
Project engineer219645
Project manager200813
Project employee199005
Rayon head197427
Vice President192012
Chairman B2B contact list188806
Operator B2B contact list186887
Product manager181855
Product engineer180193
Chief Analyst173225
Analyst B2B contact list170552
Business Analyst167712
Head of research165768
Research staff member164782
Customer Service Manager161435
Supervisor B2B contact list156381
Communication Manager55807
P.R. employee55375
Head of Information53822
Educator B2B contact list53074
Information officer52388
Chief editor52193
Editor B2B contact list51101
Editorial board member50251
President and Chief Executive Officer48989
CFO B2B contact list47152
Financial manager46853
Head of Financial Affairs45803
Financial Advisor45505
Financial worker45319
Financial administrative assistant43541
Accountant B2B contact list41721
Chartered accountant40593
Prosecutor B2B contact list38027
Accountant B2B contact list37395
Collection agency employee36031
Treasurer B2B contact list36017
Credit manager35947
Financial B2B contact list35832
Councilor B2B contact list33401
General Affairs Officer32134
Fire chief B2B contact list30558
Township B2B contact list29773
Head of facility services28267
Facility manager B2B contact list27546
Lawyer B2B contact list21838
Registrar B2B contact list21477
Debt collector21321
Head of debt collection agency21140
Legal B2B contact list20934
General Major20800
Logistics Director20728
Director of Operations20177
Operations Manager18425
Operator B2B contact lists18174
Main import B2B contact lists16450
Head of exports16220
Main warehouse15870
Warehouse manager15790
Warehouse manager15356
Warehouse worker15290
Chef workshop B2B contact lists14229
Head of quality assurance14178
Quality manager13659
Quality controller13494
Logistics employee12427
Postroom employee11989
Logistics planner11783
Employee planning11734
Expedition B2B contact lists11253
Planner B2B contact lists11252
Estate agent B2B contact lists11196
Director of Marketing10980
Brand manager10752
Marketing manager9964
Head of Marketing9760
Head of Direct Marketing9599
Marketing coordinator9450
Marketing assistant9102
Marketing employee9066
SEA specialist8882
Marketing B2B contact lists8739
Head of Human Resources4916
HR manager B2B contact lists4898
HR manager B2B contact lists4866
Human Resources employee4825
Human Resources Advisor4760
Employment agency manager4550
Consultant B2B contact lists4478
Human Resources Director4373
Human resource department4293
Commissioner of the King4086
Publisher B2B contact lists4052
Commercial Director3874
Commercial manager3859
Director After Sales3726
Sales director3618
Head sales B2B contact lists3534
Sales manager3530
Sales coordinator3528
Sales manager3415
Account manager3344
Seller B2B contact lists3160
Sales employee3144
Head of internal sales3100
Employee sales office3080
Internal sales3063
Head of field sales3009
Employee sales force2990
Field sales B2B contact lists2978
Purchasing Manager2931
Purchasing director2927
Purchaser B2B contact lists2851
Purchasing employee2847
Purchase B2B contact lists2739
Relationship manager2539
Client manager2387
Secretary B2B contact lists2230
Executive secretary2145
Management assistant2131
office manager2126
Department Secretary1873
Secretary secretary1806
Operator B2B contact lists1591
Technical Director1401
1500+ other B2B contact listss32689766

Frequently asked question about this B2B Contact List

The price depends on the amount of data that you want to buy. The minimum order amount is € 425,-. This equals approximately 1.000 up-to-date leads. Buy more, get more discount! Check our prices here. Click on “Worldwide B2B Data” for the breakdown.Tell us your target group and we send you a free quote. Call +31(0)20 705 2360 or send an e-mail to info@bolddata.nl.

Do you want to buy large amount from our B2B Contact database? We can help with a data-license or with our special bulk pricing. Click on “Worldwide Bulk Database” for the price breakdown of our custom-made database.

Do you want to place your order? Simply confirm your selection by replying to the e-mail. BoldData delivers the database (in Excel) within 24 hours by e-mail.


Tell us your target group and the country you want to target via the request form or by phone. Based on your information we create the database that perfectly matches your target group and objectives. Subsequently we send you a free quote, including the number or addresses, within one day.

Do you want to place your order? Simply confirm your selection by replying to the e-mail. BoldData delivers the addresses (in Excel) within 24 hours by mail. BoldData accepts PayPal/Creditcard/Sofort/Bancontact/iDEAL payments. And numerous other local payment options. 

After you’ve placed the order at one of our data-experts, you can choose one of the below online payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Creditcard
  • SOFORT Banking
  • Bancontact
  • eps
  • Giropay
  • Przelewy24
  • KBC/CBC-Betaalknop
  • Belfius Pay Button
  • ING Home’Pay
  • iDEAL

We’re a worldwide data company with data experts in 100+ countries. That’s we’re always adding new (local) payment methods. So feel free to ask your preferred way of making payments. We also accept regular banktransfers to IBAN: NL82INGB0006175892 and BIC INGBNL2A.

BoldData can deliver the largest B-to-B database of any kind in the world, providing business information to more than 300 million companies in over 240 countries. BoldData. We can deliver the following communication data:

  • B2B contact list with Name CEO
  • B2B contact list with Contact information
  • B2B contact list with Phone or Mobile
  • B2B contact list Has Website or Email
  • B2B contact list with International Code
  • Logo or Photo
  • UniqueID
  • CompanyNames
  • TradeName
  • Address1
  • Address2
  • AddressStreet
  • AddressHouseNumber
  • PostCode
  • City –
  • Province
  • Country
  • Language
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Mobile
  • Website
  • Email
  • NationalID
  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • GeoLevel
  • GeoConfidence
  • AlternativePhone
  • TollFreeNumber
  • Description B2B contact list
  • FacebookURL
  • TwitterURL
  • LinkedInURL
  • YouTubeURL
  • Logo B2B contact list
  • Keywords
  • YearFounded B2B contact list
  • B2B contact list with OpeningHours
  • Monday opening hour
  • Monday closing hour
  • Tuesday opening hour
  • Tuesday closing hour
  • Wednesday opening hour
  • Wednesday closing hour
  • Thursday opening hour
  • Thursday closing hour
  • Friday opening hour
  • Friday closing hour
  • Saturday opening hour
  • Saturday closing hour
  • PaymentTypes
  • Products B2B contact list
  • Services
  • Brands B2B contact list
  • Baseline
  • SourceLongitude
  • SourceLatitude
  • Sunday opening hour
  • Sunday closing hour
  • AddressBoxNumber B2B contact list

Need other information? Contact us!

BoldData is the European market leader in providing custom made global business information. BoldData’s dataservices are based on the largest B-to-B database of any kind in the world, providing business information to more than 300 million companies in over 240 countries. Our database is DDMA and GDPR compliant, premium database which is continuously updated by various sources such as the local Chamber of Commerces, European Union, Municipal Population Distribution Facility, Central Insolvency Register for receiverships and bankruptcies, Central Statistics Office, Market Reports, News and press releases, Publishers, Branch Organizations, Internet and deep web (Big Data). We also collect data from annual reports, telephone interviews, web research, Companies House and public filings /stock exchanges.

The main sources of B2B contact list are physical collection, the reports and records kept by a company and about them, lead magnet tools, and sometimes social media and website content.

However, marketers are becoming more and more creative each day to find optimum solutions to finding B2B contacts information of professionals.

Generally, companies do not collect B2B contact lists directly. B2B contact lists are collected by data aggregation. This is because the internal contact database kept by a company can only usually be as wide a scale as its current audience.

If the company wanted to grow this contact list it would be a time-consuming and not necessarily fruitful process to gather contact information manually. That’s why so many businesses are turning to B2B contact list providers to do this job for them. When you buy access to a B2B contact list provided by a vendor, the data will have been collected via one of the following:

Physical Data Collection of B2B contact lists

B2B contact lists can be collected from events such as conferences, trade shows etc. You will often find feedback forms at these events, which also build up the B2B contact list as does information collected through physical surveys.

Records and Reports

B2B contact lists can also be collected from government records, chamber of commerces, the companies’ revenue reports, company registries, magazine subscriptions, and similar records. While the information in these records and reports is very accurate, these sources need to be regularly updated. For instance, a company’s size or its revenue is going to change every year. Therefore, these changes need to be updated in the database as well.

Lead capture forms

work in a similar way to gated content. They’re pop-ups which appear on landing pages or the page before a purchase. Users share their email or phone number in order to get access to something they are interested in. These credentials are then added to the lists of B2B contact list. Key benefit of this method is that it allows contact data to be collected automatically over a wide range of platforms and media.

Other creative applications of lead magnet tools include offering free trials for software or services where users share their email address and other personal information to create an account. This information is then shared with data partners for data aggregation purposes.

Email campaigns also form a significant way of collecting B2B contact lists on an opt-in basis. There are also surveys where people share their data in order to be contacted in future.

A problem associated with lead magnet tools is that people can submit incorrect information during the opt-ins. However, this can be overcome by using more sophisticated lead capture forms, which are cleverly-designed to not feel like a submission of information.

Web Scraping & Social MediaWith developments in technology like natural language processing (NLP) data aggregators are now enabled to scrape the whole of internet for data of their interest. B2B contact lists can be found by listening to social media like LinkedIn or directly scraping company websites and registries.

Once data is collected from these sources, the data is supplemented with data acquired from additional research. This research adds more depth to the already-collected data, and can tell us more about customer patterns and their buying behaviour.

Generally, collecting all of this user data demands too many resources for a single company. This is why data scraping and data sharing among data aggregators is a more common method of building a B2B contact list

Further, if you are a business that needs B2B contact data but you do not have a data aggregation team, setting up one can incur huge investments in resources and time. Therefore, companies in need of B2B contact  list prefer buying it directly from the data providers, who can provide this exact data effortlessly. The result? The company saves money, time, and precious man-hours which can be directed elsewhere.

BoldData’s secret recipe is that all the information in BoldData’s B2B Contact List is built through leading 10.000+ local market information datasources. These local data sources arrange the day-to-day updating and quality enhancement/checking of the information.The information is sent to BoldData B2B Contact List on a daily basis. So the dataquality of our B2B Contact List is extremely high.

But we also recognize that no Contact List can be perfect. Businesses are constantly closing, executives changing, and 20 percent of decision maker move or switch jobs every year. And while 100-percent accuracy is our goal, it is highly unlikely. Therefore, it is natural to receive a small amount of outdated information.

How can I see the quality of B2B contact lists?

Like with most data types, the evaluation of data quality starts by understanding the collection methods.

The quality of B2B contact list is vital in determining whether it is useful for you or not. In fact, when it comes to B2B contact lists, quality is more important than quantity. Likewise, quality isn’t always universal: a B2B contact list considered high quality for one company might not be of the same quality for you.

Most important tip is to ask a random data sample. BoldData will always send you a strictly random data-sample.

The Importance of Evaluating Quality for B2B Contact lists

If you do not select the right quality B2B contact list for your business, you might end up having to get it again from another data provider, and the cycle will follow.

According to reports from 2018, almost half of sales representatives felt that they waste time finding out the correct contact information of prospective leads. Providing your sales team with high-quality B2B contact lists diminishes the time your sales team spends on contact information hunt, and lets them focus on conversions


BoldData can deliver more than 3.000 target groups. Our B2B Contact List enables your to target any business to business company and country at scale. It’s very likely that we can deliver a Contact List that targets the best prospects for your product or service.

Our B2B Contact List covers 300 million+ companies in over 240 countries Here’s a part of the list of largest countries our data covers:

  • Afghanistan4.809
  • Albania2.761
  • Algeria145.408
  • American Samoa126
  • Andorra1.296
  • Angola1.285
  • Anguilla203
  • Antigua & Barbuda367
  • Argentina1.886.308
  • Armenia1.194
  • Aruba642
  • Australia2.143.468
  • Austria547.357
  • Azerbaijan1.313
  • Bahamas1.605
  • Bahrain55.005
  • Bangladesh35.957
  • Barbados1.256
  • Belarus207.591
  • Belgium1.977.764
  • Belize1.717
  • Benin843
  • Bermuda2.643
  • Bhutan199
  • Bolivia2.290
  • Bonaire4
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina42.299
  • Botswana3.556
  • Brazil16.340.397
  • Brunei Darussalam274
  • Bulgaria601.634
  • Burkina Faso458
  • Burundi184
  • Cambodia1.289
  • Cameroon1.251
  • Canada1.801.375
  • Cape Verde195
  • Cayman Islands5.480
  • Central African Republic75
  • Chad221
  • Chile787.939
  • China18.599.570
  • Colombia2.518.437
  • Comoros55
  • Congo333
  • Congo Democratic Republic1.458
  • Cook Islands53
  • Costa Rica5.358
  • Croatia126.218
  • Curaçao5.846
  • Cyprus28.073
  • Czech Republic1.815.309
  • Denmark879.745
  • Djibouti273
  • Dominica160
  • Dominican Republic129.202
  • Ecuador97.863
  • Egypt71.762
  • El Salvador2.296
  • Equatorial Guinea78
  • Eritrea21
  • Estonia162.520
  • Ethiopia8.552
  • Falkland Islands35
  • Faroe Islands1.007
  • Fiji574
  • Finland605.436
  • France10.478.174
  • French Guiana12.793
  • French Polynesia349
  • Gabon386
  • Gambia240
  • Georgia1.911
  • Germany5.740.056
  • Ghana3.077
  • Gibraltar721
  • Greece270.131
  • Greenland7.880
  • Grenada105
  • Guadeloupe49.267
  • Guam1.189
  • Guatemala141.365
  • Guinea354
  • Guinea Bissau72
  • Guyana329
  • Haiti938
  • Honduras2.039
  • Hong Kong1.869.111
  • Hungary506.770
  • Iceland16.688
  • India6.216.130
  • Indonesia236.753
  • Iran16.745
  • Iraq4.970
  • Ireland313.430
  • Israel216.537
  • Italy6.336.903
  • Ivory Coast1.490
  • Jamaica1.388
  • Japan4.735.348
  • Jordan18.486
  • Kazakhstan433.057
  • Kenya5.275
  • Kiribati13
  • Kosovo595
  • Kuwait31.399
  • Laos28
  • Latvia126.478
  • Lebanon12.201
  • Lesotho442
  • Liberia705
  • Libya451
  • Liechtenstein9.427
  • Lithuania196.237
  • Luxembourg145.628
  • Macao1.307
  • Macedonia3.874
  • Madagascar546
  • Malawi1.020
  • Malaysia19.637
  • Maldives848
  • Mali474
  • Malta73.088
  • Martinique39.969
  • Mauritania228
  • Mauritius14.383
  • Mexico400.439
  • Micronesia240
  • Moldova102.272
  • Monaco7.962
  • Montenegro31.673
  • Montserrat14
  • Morocco480.143
  • Mozambique1.567
  • Myanmar90
  • Namibia4.844
  • Nauru7
  • Nepal2.059
  • Netherlands3.046.413
  • New Zealand325.476
  • Nicaragua1.396
  • Niger385
  • Nigeria12.993
  • Norfolk2
  • Northern Mariana Islands211
  • Norway1.824.843
  • Oman6.575
  • Pakistan8.300
  • Panama6.182
  • Papua New Guinea790
  • Paraguay2.074
  • Peru2.756.526
  • Philippines659.101
  • Poland4.774.490
  • Portugal708.139
  • Qatar8.131
  • Reunion47.551
  • Romania1.153.771
  • Russian Federation3.727.055
  • Rwanda875
  • Saint Helena7
  • Samoa Western121
  • San Marino3.471
  • Sao Tome & Principe28
  • Saudi Arabia167.612
  • Senegal1.365
  • Serbia126.003
  • Seychelles614
  • Sierra Leone428
  • Singapore447.619
  • Slovakia610.810
  • Slovenia179.324
  • Solomon Islands81
  • Somalia267
  • South Africa334.996
  • South Korea2.469.477
  • South Sudan17
  • Spain5.087.915
  • Sri Lanka3.857
  • St Kitts-Nevis302
  • St Lucia263
  • St Vincent244
  • Sudan618
  • Suriname434
  • Swaziland1.185
  • Sweden1.662.294
  • Switzerland784.615
  • Syria3.252
  • Taiwan414.356
  • Tajikistan373
  • Tanzania2.326
  • Thailand656.645
  • Togo494
  • Tonga70
  • Trinidad and Tobago1.685
  • Tunisia129.375
  • Turkey1.500.463
  • Turkmenistan113
  • Turks & Caicos Is148
  • Tuvalu5
  • U.S. Minor Outlying Islands2
  • Uganda2.614
  • Ukraine1.228.749
  • United Arab Emirates364.425
  • United Kingdom6.119.194
  • United States of America20.679.193
  • Uruguay3.236
  • Uzbekistan582
  • Vanuatu107
  • Venezuela5.373
  • Vietnam788.684
  • Virgin Islands UK8.498
  • Yemen1.249
  • Zambia1.500
  • Zimbabwe983


  • Buy B2B Contact List Europe 3045781
  • B2B Contact List France 2777190
  • B-to-B Contact List Asia 2187849
  • B2B Contact List Russia 1612954
  • Buy B2B Contact List in Italy 1257057
  • B2B Contact List Germany 1223364
  • Business to business Contact List Canada 1121310
  • B2B Contact List Spain 1036497
  • B-to-B Contact List UK 1028303
  • Buy B2B Contact List Australia 529335
  • BTOB Contact List Netherlands 333819
  • Buy B2B Contact List Canada 1121310
  • Business to business Contact List Switzerland 1036497
  • B2B Contact List Sweden 1028303
  • B to B Contact List Denmark 529335
  • Business to business Contact List Finland 333819
  • Buy B2B Contact List Africa 1036497
  • Business to business Contact List Singapore 1028303
  • B2B Contact List Malaysia 529335
  • Business to business Contact List Slovakia 333819

100+ other countries available. Ask us a quote! Contact us via +31(0)20 705 2360 or send an e-mail to info@bolddata.nl to discover the possibilities. We are here to help.

We take privacy extremely seriously. Being in the business we’re in, we are very serious about privacy and trust. Our data complies with applicable Data Protection Laws. And we carry the DDMA Privacy Guarantee. And are being audited for security checks on a yearly basis.

For a decade, BoldData has been working with databases from renowned local datapartners and customers. Working with and exchanging data and personal information requires constant monitoring and compliance with all current legal rules and codes of conduct regarding privacy and security. Privacy and security have been important concerns of BoldData for years.

BoldData works strictly in compliance with Dutch and European legislation and, with regard to the protection and processing of personal data, complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In addition, BoldData holds the Privacy Guarantee certification and has been awarded the ‘Gold’ security label in the field of security. Please contact us for tailor-made advice or more information about privacy laws via +31(0)20 705 2360 of info@bolddata.nl. We’re here to help!

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Other Questions or are you looking for a other city or country? Our data experts are specialized in supervising international campaigns. We have specific direct marketing knowledge per country and have highly accurate data of 300 million companies in 100+ countries. Contact us for free tailor-made advice and an independent quote. Please call +31(0)20 705 2360 or send an e-mail to info@bolddata.nl.

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