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Find new customers with top quality Belgian business and residential data

Want to expand into the Belgian markets? BoldData gives you access to more than 2 million top quality B2B Belgian addresses and 5 million Belgian residents. Our Company Database Belgium is the most accurate and complete database on the market: from database of architects in Belgium to all restaurants in Flanders. Our Belgian consumer database is unrivaled in quality and delivered in Bulk only. Reaching prospects in Belgium all starts with up-to-date and top quality data. We guarantee nothing but top quality addresses

No matter which industry you are in or what product you are offering, we deliver the best-suited database for your campaign. We can simply sell you our total Belgian database in bulk. Or we can select your ideal target group in Belgium based on a large number of criteria: from a specific age, region and turnover to industry type and number of employees. We take the time to understand your goals, planning, target group and budget. The result: a custom-made and highly specified Belgian database. Discover the possibilities in the overview below and request a quote by filling in the contact form.

Overview Business Database Belgium

Farms, breeding, fertilizing57000
Industry, composition, fabrication135000
Electricity, water, energy5300
Construction, contractors, installers251000
Wholesaling, distributing88000
Retailers, franchising, shops143000
Automotive, body shops, car dealing32800
Logistical, transportation30500
Hotels- and accommodating, restaurants72500
ICT, computers, hi tech49300
Banking, investing, mortgage50800
Business services, real estate, design328000
Governments, ministries4650
Education, training22110
Health, care, hospitals102700
Cultural and sports foundations53400
Personal services, repairing, wellness66500
1700 other specific industries available..Contact us!

Accurate and GDPR compliant company database Belgium

BoldData Belgium company database is updated by local sources such as Yellow Pages, Kruispunt and Truvo. That is why We guarantee nothing but top quality addresses. Have a glance at our Belgian b2b data: BoldData – Sample Company Database Belgium. BoldData can deliver 1.5 million Belgian B2B emails which are 100% GDPR compliant data. On top of that we will make sure your campaings comply with the Royal Decree of 4 April 2003 concerning the regulation of sending advertising by electronic post. Ask our data experts for custom advice via the contact form or check our pricelist here.

Residential Database Belgium: local and GDPR proof residental data

Need Belgian consumer data, on large scale? We can deliver Belgian consumer database and global residential data in bulk with names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses. Our Belgian consumer database is updated continuously and is highly accurate. Our Belgian consumer database give you access to the largest, most accurate and up-to-date information available. We customize the perfect residential consumer mailing lists with dozens of selections such as age, income, home value, car information, and geography. Take a look at our sample below and Or have look at our pricelist here. Please click on “Worldwide B2C Data (Bulk)”.

Example is for reviewing purposes only - you are not allowed to contact the samples

Frequently asked questions about our Belgium databases

Prices B2B data Belgium

The price depends on the number of addresses and the address details needed. The minimum order amount is € 425,-. This equals approximately 1.000 up-to-date addresses. Tell us your target group and we send you a free quote. Call +31(0)20 705 2360 or send an e-mail to Have a look at our pricelist here. 

Prices B2C data Belgium

Our consumer data is delivered in bulk only. The pricing is simple; we charge a price per consumer address. This price depends on the number of addresses you need, the country and the selection. The minimum order value is € 3.000. This corresponds to around 100.000 up-to-date consumer addresses. So our consumer databases are delivered in bulk only. Have a look at our pricelist here and click on “worldwide B2C data”

Do you want to place your order? Simply tell us your target via the contact form. BoldData delivers the database (in Excel) within 24 hours by e-mail.


We deliver custom made Belgian B2B & B2C databases in Excel. Get started in just three simple steps:

  1. Tell us who you want to target

Our data experts take the time to understand your business, target group and campaign. Based on these insights we create a highly targeted business database based on more than 1500 criteria. From country and number of employees to industry type and job title.

2.   Receive a free count and quote

You receive a free quote and a detailed count of your business database within 24 hours. On request we can provide a free sample with a selection of 10 contacts. Based on your feedback we polish the business database to perfection.

3. Delivery within 24 hours

Satisfied? Then we deliver the custom business database in Excel within 24 hours. A consumer database takes 3-5 working days to deliver. After receival of your database you can start targeting your prospects with extreme precision.


The overview displays just a part of the possibilities. However, we offer you access to quality data of more than 1.700 different target groups. It’s very likely that we can deliver a mailing list that targets the best prospects for your product or service. Contact us via +31(0)20 705 2360 or send an e-mail to to discover the possibilities. We are here to help.

We can deliver the following communication data for you:

  • Company Database Belgium – With Websites 1528334
  • Company Database Belgium – With contact names 1428319
  • Business Database Belgium – With Phone numbers 1527583
  • Company Database Belgium – With Mobile phones 142831
  • Business Database Belgium – With head offices 1425194
  • Company Database Belgium – With e-mail addresses 1422426
  • Company Database Belgium – With direct e-mail addresses 222426
  • Business Database Belgium – With branche offices 346740
  • Company Database Belgium – With fax numbers 244351
  • Business Database Belgium – With Importing and exporting companies 243600
  • Company Database Belgium – With Employee sizes 2430600
  • BusinessDatabase Belgium – With turn over 559557

Need other information? Contact us!

  • First Name – residental database Belgium 3955600
  • Last Name – consumer data Belgium 3955600
  • Title – residental database Belgium 1344904
  • Address – Street database Belgium 3643108
  • Address – Street Number data Belgium 3520484
  • Address – Postal Code data Belgium 3927911
  • Addres – City database Belgium 3124924
  • Addres – Region database Belgium 3955600
  • Telephone – Landline phone database Belgium 2230958
  • Telephone – Mobile phone database Belgium 2978567
  • Email database residents Belgium 2136024
  • Date of Birth – Belgian residents 3453239
  • Gender – database Belgium woman/men 3694530
  • Language – database French/Belgian speakers 3010212
  • Marital Status – database consumers Belgium 1819576
  • Culture enthousiasts – database Belgium 276892
  • Age Estimated – Belgian residential database 3955600
  • Car Owner database Belgium 684319
  • Home Owner data Belgium 2096468
  • Childrens families database Belgium 276892
  • Education consumer database Belgium 19778
  • OnlineShopper database Belgium 1344904
  • Forex buyers database Belgium 98890
  • Casino – gamblers database Belgium 174046
  • Adult database Belgium 490494
  • Sport database Belgium 874188
  • Turism/Travelers database Belgians 134490
  • Gaming/gamers data Belgium 838587
  • Animal owners database Belgium 713195
  • Online education data Belgium 466761
  • Home/Garden owners data Belgium 770155
  • IP address database residents Belgium 1281614
  • Timestamp database Belgium 1242058
  • CEO (Zaakvoerder, General Manager, Owner) 30878871
  • Administration / Bookkeeping Manager 427832
  • Production Manager 427573
  • Human Resource Manager 28413
  • Financial Manager 26164
  • Purchase Manager 16954
  • Marketing Manager 14537
  • Financial Decision Maker 12557
  • IT Manager 12449
  • Other Decision Maker 7219
  • Fleet Manager 5450
  • Secretary 3510
  • Education Manager 2668
  • Media/Advertising Decision Maker 2297
  • Logistics Manager 2279
  • Environmental Manager 2276
  • Quality Manager 2117
  • Customer Service Manager 1771
  • Project Manager 1591
  • Operation Manager 1248
  • Legal advisor 595
  • Webmaster/Internet App. Manager 326

BoldData only works with databases that are updated daily. All decision makers are called twice every year to check their details. This is a DDMA approved, high quality Belgian database, which is continuously updated. The main sources are

CBE is the Belgium Government main business information register. It contains information on all enterprises (physical persons or companies) and their branches. CBE contains information on 1.700.000 active enterprises and 1.450.000 active branches. 370.000 of these branches are situated on an address different from its head office address.

  • National Social Security Office (NSSO)
  • Central Balance Sheet Office (CBSO)
  • Belgisch Staatsblad / Moniteur belge (BSMB)
  • The official publications of the Belgian Government Courts of Commerce Source
  • Yellow Pages (YP) Source website:

Other sub souces are public directories such as Kruispunt Bank der Ondernemingen, Truvo, annual screening by phone, publications, journals, big data and web pages.

In short: the quality and accuracy are outstanding. However, a mailing list can never be 100% up-to-date. For example, a contact that has been checked last week can have a new job the next week. Therefore you need to take a small error rate into account.

  •  The most up-to-date Belgian business database and consumer database Belgium at the lowest price
  •  Belgian B2B & B2C Database with international privacy guarantee – avoid any fine.
  •  Perfectly matched to your target local group in Belgium
  •  Maximum ROI from your marketing budget
  •  Fast delivery in Excel, no hassle with licenses!
  •  Local Belgian data quality, delivered within 24 hours in Excel.
  •  More than 10 years of experience in coordinating campaigns

Yes. We take privacy extremely seriously. Being in the business we’re in, we are very serious about privacy and trust. Our data complies with applicable Data Protection Laws. And we carry the DDMA Privacy Guarantee. And are being audited for security checks on a yearly basis.

All our data is locally sourced and therefore of the highest value and compliant with local telecommunication acts. Moreover we’re a sparring partner who truly understands international data and its’ local dynamics, laws and challenges. Our privacy officers have summerized the legal situation in Belgium below:

In Belgium, the Law of March 11, 2003 requires:

  • Explicit or implicit consent from recipients, opt-in approach,
  • Except if you message generic email addresses such as info@…, they can be opt-out only.
  • Keeping records of consents given is a must.
  • If you process the personal data of your subscribers, you are obliged to report to the Commission for the Protection of Privacy,
  • The commercial character of the message has to be clear,
  • Clear identification of sender, contact information in each email, and an
  • Option to cancel subscription are a must. The length of the opt-out process depends on the case.

Other questions or need data in other countries?

Other Questions? Our data experts are specialized in supervising international campaigns in 100+ countries. We have specific direct marketing knowledge per country and work closely together with local data experts all over the world. Contact us for free tailor-made advice and an independent quote. Please call +31(0)20 705 2360 or send an e-mail to