List of companies in Dominican Republic

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The State of the Dominicans Economy: Number of Companies by Industry

Dominican Republic has a diverse economy with over 426,857 companies operating in 1,500 industries. The Restaurant industry is the largest, with 32,149 companies, followed by Retail and Manufacturing. These three industries alone account for over 18% of all companies in Dominican Republic. We can help you find the right data for your business needs in any industry in Dominican Republic. Contact us today to learn more.

Dominican Republic’s Top 50 Companies

  • Policia Nacional Dominicana    Santo Domingo
  • Compania Dominicana de Telefonos  S.A.    Santo Domingo
  • Oficina Metropolitana de Servicios de Autobuses    Santo Domingo
  • La Aurora  S.A.    Juan Santiago
  • Inversiones Coconut  S.R.L.    Salvaleón de Higuey
  • J. Armando Bermudez y Compania S.A.    Santiago de los Caballeros
  • Servicio De Seguridad  S.A.S. (Seguriasa)    Santo Domingo
  • Gildan Activewear Dominican Republic Textile Company Inc.    Santo Domingo
  • Doncella SRL    Santo Domingo Este
  • Edenorte Dominicana  S.A.    Juan Santiago
  • Falconbridge Dominicana  S.A.    Bonao
  • Inversiones Areito S.A.    Santo Domingo
  • Asociacion Popular de Ahorros y Prestamos    Santo Domingo
  • Trilogy Dominicana  S.A.    Santo Domingo
  • Nestle Dominicana  S.A.    Santo Domingo
  • Universidad Central del Este    San Pedro de Macorís
  • Termo Envases S.A.    Santo Domingo
  • Empresas Vimenca SA    Santo Domingo
  • Maritima Dominicana  S.A.S.    Santo Domingo
  • Wash & Finish    Santiago de los Caballeros
  • DMG International Inc    Juan Santiago
  • Programa Superate    Santo Domingo
  • Materias Primas S A S    Santo Domingo
  • Global Pack S.R.L.    Haina
  • Blanco International S A    Concepción de la Vega
  • Banesco Banco Multiple S.A    Santo Domingo
  • Caribetrans S.A.S.    Santo Domingo
  • Meilink World Holding Inc.    Juan Santiago
  • Montecristi Textiles S.A    Mao
  • Eurotex SA    Santiago de los Caballeros
  • PC Precision Engineering Inc..    Juan Santiago
  • Endy Agroindustrial  S.R.L    Moca
  • Direccion General De Equipo Y Transporte    Santo Domingo
  • Direccion General Caminos Vecinales    Santo Domingo
  • Cuerpo De Bomberos Civiles De Villa Central    Santa Cruz de Barahona
  • Asociacion De Servidores Publicos Del Consejo Dominicano De Pesca Y Acuicultura    Santo Domingo
  • Direccion General De Capacitacion Y Perfeccion Mag    Santo Domingo
  • Philip Morris Dominicana  S.A.    Santo Domingo
  • Banco Multiple de Las Americas SA    Santo Domingo
  • Sol Melia CV Dominicana SA    Salvaleón de Higuey
  • Envases Antillanos  S.R.L.    Santiago de los Caballeros
  • International Goods  SA    Concepción de la Vega
  • Transamerican Hoteles SAS    Santo Domingo
  • Philip Morris Dominicana S.A.    Santo Domingo
  • Moya Supervisiones y Construcciones  S.A.    Santo Domingo
  • J.B.S.  S.A.    Juan Santiago
  • Cadena De Noticias Television S A    Santo Domingo
  • Instituto Tecnologico de Las Americas    Santo Domingo
  • Persio Abreu  S.A.    Juan Santiago
  • Brentwood Clothes Inc.    Santiago de los Caballeros

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List of Companies in Dominican Republic

Agriculture companies in Dominican Republic17513
List of Manufacturing companies in Dominican Republic31526
Pharmaceutical companies in Dominican Republic3362
Energy companies in Dominican Republic7005
Oil and gas companies in Dominican Republic1069
Dominican Construction companies28020
Dominican Wholesale companies35826
Retail companies in Dominican Republic35026
Automotive companies in Dominican Republic9879
Car companies in Dominican Republic25479
Transport companies in Dominican Republic14597
List of restaurants in Dominican Republic37879
Buy list of Hotels in Dominican Republic5797
IT companies in Dominican Republic5649
Dominican Republic Banks and financial companies13479
Insurance companies in Dominican Republic8579
Software companies in Dominican Republic40174
Business services - buy companies list in Dominican Republic69879
Recruitment companies in Dominican Republic18000
Consulting companies in Dominican Republic22159
Dominican Government - buy list of companies in Dominican Republic21987
Schools in Dominican Republic9741
Dominican Healthcare15470
Dominican Culture, sports and foundations11580
Personal services companies in Dominican Republic8887
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