List of Manufacturing Companies

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Number of Manufacturing Companies in the World

The total number of manufacturing companies in the world is 32,278,673. India has the largest number of manufacturing companies, with 8,725,328 making up 27% of the worldwide manufacturing industry. The China comes second with 8,616,233 manufacturing companies (27%), followed by Brazil with 1,932,949 manufacturing companies. Combined, these three countries hold a 60% market share in the global manufacturing industry. Buy this list in a bulk CSV file or tailored to your specific country.

Top Manufacturing Companies Worldwide

The largest manufacturing companies globally include Volkswagen Group, Toyota Motor Corporation, and Samsung Electronics. Volkswagen Group, as the largest among them, generates substantial annual revenue and employs a vast workforce across its automotive production facilities worldwide.

The World’s Top 50 Manufacturing Companies

  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Amazon.Com USA
  • China
  • MHCFI Egypt
  • China
  • BYD China
  • Colombia
  • VW AG Germany
  • Colombia
  • China
  • Colombia
  • China
  • Colombia
  • Germany
  • Colombia
  • RELIANCE India
  • China
  • China
  • Japan
  • Sinopec Corp. China
  • Colombia
  • China
  • Japan
  • Pepsico USA
  • Germany
  • China
  • Japan
  • Colombia
  • Colombia
  • China
  • China
  • Aramark USA
  • M&M India
  • Jbs SA Brazil
  • Jabil USA
  • China
  • Microsoft USA
  • India
  • Cellarmasters My Labels Australia
  • Flex USA
  • China
  • China
  • Midea Group China
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • Germany

* This Top 50 is displayed in random order and is based on the largest companies by revenue and/or employee size. Our data is sourced from public registries, chambers of commerce, and financial statements. While the data is frequently updated, if a company does not publish its financial statements, the data is modeled accordingly.

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Manufacturing Companies List

Manufacturing companies list worldwide13157627
Men's and boy's clothing manufacturing160789
Bread, cake, and related products142132
Manufacturing industries, nec124400
Wood household furniture99122
Women's and misses' blouses and shirts94114
Distilled and blended liquors91603
Miscellaneous publishing87761
Hardware - manufacturing companies list85277
Commercial printing, lithographic76660
Commercial printing, gravure75139
Saw blades and handsaws73588
Newspapers - manufacturing companies list68630
Fabricated plate work (boiler shop)67003
Metal coating and allied services63772
Signs and advertising specialties54772
Blast furnaces and steel mills53445
Apparel and accessories, nec53312
Fabricated textile products, nec52564
Book publishing51161
Logging - list of manufacturing companies50946
Wood products, nec49509
Industrial machinery, nec49444
Commercial printing, nec48811
Men's and boy's work clothing47332
Fabricated metal products, nec46642
Millwork list of manufacturing companies45351
Textile goods, nec43987
Plastics products, nec43783
Metal doors, sash, and trim41036
Knit outerwear mills37603
Periodicals - list of manufacturing companies37455
Fabricated structural metal37293
Motor vehicle parts and accessories36106
Pharmaceutical preparations36038
Rice milling - list of manufacturing companies35154
Wood office furniture34943
Chemical preparations, nec34761
Miscellaneous metalwork33373
Food preparations, nec30978
Sausages and other prepared meats27382
Cutlery list of manufacturing companies26247
Wood kitchen cabinets26182
Iron and steel forgings26056
Broadwoven fabric mills, cotton25732
Furniture and fixtures, nec25587
Platemaking services23609
Brick and structural clay tile23055
Flour and other grain mill products22332
Pleating and stitching22126
Prerecorded records and tapes22062
Costume jewelry21937
Waterproof outerwear21577
Industrial inorganic chemicals, nec21405
Sawmills and planing mills, general21404
Sporting and athletic goods, nec21265
Concrete products, nec21240
General industrial machinery, nec21094
Structural wood members, nec21043
Meat packing plants20682
Special industry machinery, nec20450
Cut stone and stone products20000
Electronic components, nec19989
Household furniture, nec19640
Knit underwear mills19530
Bookbinding and related work19084
Industrial organic chemicals, nec18653
Dental equipment and supplies17762
Women's and misses' outerwear, nec17663
Yarn spinning mills17177
Electronic computers17147
Cookies and crackers17077
Fabricated rubber products, nec17025
Prepared flour mixes and doughs16963
Finishing plants, nec16674
Prefabricated wood buildings16322
Jewelry, precious metal16231
Electrical equipment and supplies, nec16028
Sheet metalwork15558
Search and navigation equipment15545
Typesetting - list of manufacturing companies15399
Machine tools, metal cutting type15384
Bottled and canned soft drinks15316
Plastics materials and resins14838
Nailed wood boxes and shook14642
Electrometallurgical products14584
Copper rolling and drawing14108
Canned fruits and specialties13883
Cheese; natural and processed13869
Leather goods - list of manufacturing companies13775
Broadwoven fabric mills, manmade13773
Machine tool accessories13754
Prefabricated metal buildings and components13630
Motors and generators13558
Canned and cured fish and seafoods13324
Special dies, tools, jigs, and fixtures13056
Converted paper products, nec13012
Men's footwear, except athletic12976
Medicinals and botanicals12503
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Our insurance companies list covers 100% of all insurance companies worldwide. Here’s the list of largest countries our data covers:

  • Manufacturing  companies USA 3297848
  • Manufacturing  companies Europe 3045781
  • Manufacturing  companies France 2777190
  • Manufacturing  companies Asia 2187849
  • Manufacturing  companies in Russia 1612954
  • Manufacturing  companies list in Italy 1257057
  • Manufacturing  companies Germany 1223364
  • Manufacturing companies Canada 1121310
  • Manufacturing  companies list Spain 1036497
  • Manufacturing  companies UK 1028303
  • Manufacturing  companies in Australia 529335
  • Manufacturing  companies in Netherlands 333819
  • Manufacturing  companies Canada 1121310
  • Manufacturing  companies list Switzerland 1036497
  • Manufacturing  companies list Sweden 1028303
  • Manufacturing  companies list Denmark 529335
  • Manufacturing  companies list Finland 333819
  • Manufacturing  companies list Africa 1036497
  • Manufacturing  companies list Singapore 1028303
  • Manufacturing  companies list Malaysia 529335
  • Manufacturing  companies list Slovakia 333819

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