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Unlocking Growth Secrets: How BoldData’s Historical Revenue Insights Propel Finquest’s Success

Meet Finquest

Finquest is a leading financial services company that specializes in providing innovative solutions to businesses looking to expand their reach in the global market. With a strong focus on data-driven decision-making, Finquest required a reliable data supplier to fuel their operations and support their clients’ international expansion efforts.

Finquest's Quest for Global Data

One of Finquest’s biggest challenges was sourcing accurate and up-to-date business data to help their clients identify potential markets, evaluate investment opportunities, and navigate complex regulatory environments. In the globalized business landscape, the need for high-quality data was paramount, as any inaccuracies or outdated information could lead to costly mistakes and missed opportunities.

BoldData's Tailored Solutions for Empowering Finquest's Success

Finquest found a trustworthy partner in BoldData, a leading data supplier known for its comprehensive and meticulously curated global business data. BoldData’s extensive database offered access to a wealth of information on companies worldwide, including contact details, financial data, key decision-makers, and historical revenue information. This partnership offered the following solutions:


  • Accurate and Up-to-Date Data: BoldData’s database was regularly updated, ensuring that Finquest had access to the most current and reliable business information. This eliminated the risk of making decisions based on outdated or inaccurate data.
  • Global Coverage: With data on 340 million companies from over 200 countries, BoldData enabled Finquest to support their clients in expanding their businesses across borders, providing valuable insights into international markets and opportunities.
  • Customized Data Solutions: BoldData worked closely with Finquest to tailor their data offerings to meet specific client needs. This included providing data on industries, regions, and niches relevant to Finquest’s clients, including historical revenue information, which was crucial for assessing a company’s growth trajectory.
  • Data Integration: BoldData’s data seamlessly integrated into Finquest’s existing systems, streamlining their workflow and saving valuable time that would have otherwise been spent on manual data collection and verification.

Outcome: The partnership between Finquest and BoldData, which included access to historical revenue information, yielded impressive results:


  • Finquest’s clients gained a deeper understanding of potential investment opportunities by analyzing historical revenue data, allowing them to identify companies that were on a growth trajectory.
  • The accuracy and reliability of BoldData’s data, including historical revenue figures, helped Finquest reduce risks and avoid costly mistakes, increasing their clients’ trust in their services.
  • Finquest saw improved efficiency in their operations, thanks to the seamless data integration provided by BoldData.
  • As a result, Finquest strengthened its reputation as a go-to financial services provider for businesses looking to thrive in the global marketplace.


In conclusion, BoldData’s partnership with Finquest, which included access to historical revenue information, provided a robust solution to their data challenges. This empowered them to deliver top-tier financial services to their clients and contributed to their continued success in the industry.

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