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Empower your business expansion in Armenia with targeted email lists. BoldData, the market leader, specializes in providing data for Email List Generation in Armenia. Whether you require bulk email lists or a customized solution to meet your specific needs, our experts can deliver. With 3,946 email contacts in Armenia available, sourced locally from reliable entities like The Chamber of Commerce in Armenia, simply request a free quote through our contact form to unlock the potential for your business.

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As a top-tier lead generation company for Armenia, we provide a specialized email list featuring crucial details such as company names, addresses, financial- and contact information. What sets us apart is our commitment to customization – we deliver a tailor-made Excel sheet crafted to your specifications, enabling you to seamlessly generate and nurture leads independently.

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Mastering Email Marketing in Armenia: A Guide for Business Expansion

In the ever-evolving landscape of Armenia’s business realm, strategic email marketing stands as the linchpin for unlocking untapped potentials and fostering business growth. Within this comprehensive guide on email marketing in Armenia, we will delve into effective methodologies to empower your business expansion, encompassing personalized connections, compliance with privacy laws, conversion optimization, and more.

Understanding Armenian Market Dynamics

To embark on a successful email marketing journey in Armenia, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the intricacies of the local market. Armenia, with its diverse economic sectors, offers a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Flourishing in this environment requires a nuanced understanding of the Armenian business landscape.

Crafting Personalized Connections through Email Lists

Mailing lists stand out as a powerful tool in Armenian email marketing. Establishing direct communication with potential clients can be achieved through targeted email campaigns. Crafting compelling messages tailored to resonate with the distinctive ethos of Armenian business culture fosters personalized connections for sustained success.

Nurturing Personalized Relationships with Cultural Sensitivity

Thoughtfully executed email marketing can be a game-changer in Armenia, where business decisions often hinge on personal relationships. Crafting culturally sensitive and respectful emails that add value to the audience can pave the way for success in B2B lead generation by building essential trust.

Adhering to Privacy Laws and Preferences

Respecting privacy laws and preferences is paramount in Armenian email marketing. Businesses must ensure compliance with local regulations, focusing on building permission-based email lists as a legal necessity and a respectful approach to B2B lead generation. Familiarizing yourself with Armenia’s telecommunications laws is crucial for compliant and respectful email marketing practices. For more information on Armenia’s telecommunications laws, visit [local website].

Tapping into Local Resources for Armenian Email Lists

BoldData, a prominent player in email marketing for Armenia, emphasizes the importance of sourcing data locally. With 18,920 email contacts at your disposal, the data is meticulously curated from reliable entities such as The Chamber of Commerce in Armenia, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of the information provided.

Tailor-Made Solutions for Success

BoldData stands out with its unwavering commitment to customization. They offer personalized email lists containing crucial details like company names, addresses, financials, and contact information. This tailored approach empowers businesses to independently generate and nurture leads based on their specific requirements.

Requesting a Free Quote: Unleashing Business Potential

To initiate your email marketing journey in Armenia, leverage the expertise of BoldData. Request a free quote through their contact form and unlock the potential for your business expansion. Whether you seek bulk email lists or a bespoke solution, BoldData’s team of experts is ready to support your venture in the Armenian market.

In conclusion, mastering email marketing in Armenia demands a blend of cultural acumen, strategic finesse, and reliance on local resources. By adopting a personalized and compliant approach, businesses can forge meaningful connections and capitalize on the vast opportunities that Armenia presents.

GDPR proof email list Armenia

Company name and address3244
Phone number2364
Mobile phone number994
Email address (generic)0
Email address (direct)1280
Registration number3057
Geo Coordinate2208
Name of CEO3114
Fax number667
Company structure134
  • Verified daily by local sources
  • GDPR proof email data
  • We deliver a complete dataset: emails, names, phone numbers, postal addresses, job titles, revenue, and number of employees
  • Our customers rate us 8.7 out of 10
  • 200+ countries available

Buy Armenian mailing lists in Excel

No matter which industry you are in or what product you are offering, we deliver a customized Armenian email list for your campaign. Our Data Experts can select your ideal target group in 200+ countries based on a large number of criteria: from a specific region and turnover to industry type, number of employees and financial information. Just tell us what data you need and request a quote by filling in the contact form. See before you buy? Take a look at the preview below or ask for a custom-made sample here.

Preview E-mail List Armenia
  • National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia Foundation Yerevan
  • High Voltage Electrical Networks, CJSC Yerevan
  • Addevise, LLC Yerevan
  • Electric Networks of Armenia CJSC Yerevan
  • Arabkir Medical Centre – Institute of Child and Adolescent Health Yerevan
  • Grand Master LLC Masis
  • Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Yerevan
  • Gazprom Armenia CJSC Yerevan
  • Garment Factory Gloria LLC Vanadzor
  • Alfa-Pharm, CJSC Yerevan
  • Armenian Copper Programme, CJSC Kotayk
  • WKS Armenia LLC Yerevan
  • Rusal Armenal, CJSC Yerevan
  • Ministerstvo Zdravookhraneniya Respubliki Armeniya Yerevan
  • ERO MEN LLC Yerevan
  • Kharutyunyan Lyudmila Yerevan
  • Yerevanskoe Pivo ZAO Yerevan
  • NSSP Yerevan
  • Plant of Pure Iron, OJSC Yerevan
  • BARSIS, LLC Yerevan
  • Televezionnaya radiovechshatelnaya set Armeni ZAO Yerevan
  • SAFORA LLC Martuni
  • Soglasie-Armeniya OOO Yerevan
  • Dorozhnik LLC Yerevan
  • Armsweet LLC Yerevan
  • Sagamar CJSC Stepanavan
  • Public Television Company of Armenia, CJSC Yerevan
  • Armenia Studios CJSC Yerevan
  • Grand Candy, LLC Yerevan
  • CITY, LLC Yerevan
  • Nairit Zavod ZAO Yerevan
  • Telecom Armenia, CJSC Yerevan
  • Zangezur Copper Molybdenum Combine, CJSC Kajaran
  • Haypost, CJSC Yerevan
  • National Center of Disease Control and Prevention State Noncommercial Organization Yerevan
  • Armvodokanal ZAO Yerevan
  • SANUS LLC Yerevan
  • ED-SYUN, LLC Kapan
  • SGI-INVEST LLC Yerevan


GDPR Proof Mailing List Armenia in Excel

We guarantee the most extensive and precise e-mail list of Armenian companies in the market. Our data experts will select your Armenian e-mail list on country, employees and industry. Simply tell us which data you need from the overview below and request a free quote via the contact form.

Frequently asked questions about our Email List Armenia

Buy a mailing list that’s both accurate and competitively priced! Our human-verified mailing lists are available from a minimum price of € 425,-. This equals approximately 1.000 up-to-date addresses. The more you buy, the more discount you get. Check our price list here. Tell us your target group and we send you a free quote. Call +31(0)20 705 2360 or send an e-mail to

We build custom mailing lists based on your companies target group. Tell us who you want to target via the request form or talk to one of our data-experts by phone on +31(0)20 705 2360. We’ll send you a free quote, including the number or addresses, within one day.

Ready to order the mailing list? Simply confirm the proposal. And we’ll deliver your e-mail list within 24 hours (in Excel).

A dataset contains the following information:

  • Company name and postal address
  • Phone number
  • Activity / sector / Industry
  • Number of employees
  • Turnover (yearly)
  • Founding year
  • Direct/personal e-mail address
  • Name of contact
  • Job title/function
  • Website/url

At BoldData, we’re devoted to making sure that you have as less bounces as possible. All our databases are monitored and checked daily. However, with e-mail addresses you have to keep in mind a bounce rate of 5 – 10%. The reason for this is that in the world today, people are constantly changing jobs and/or positions. Moreover, companies may move and change their telephone numbers, names, websites or email addresses. Therefore it is impossible to reach 100% accuracy with e-mail addresses.

Since the entry of the GDPR in Europe there is a lot of change in terms of data editing and updating of data. In this matter all our data sources are GDPR compliant.

BoldData uses legitimate interest as the legal ground for our data processing, we always secure this by performing a balancing assessment, that verifies and balances our interest to process the data versus the individual’s right to privacy. In general terms, this is what the balancing assessment consist of:

  • A description of BoldData’s legitimate interest and an evaluation if the data processing is necessary and proportional for the purpose we have.
  • The impact on the individuals and if they reasonable expect what will happen to their data, as well as how sensitive data is, how much data is used and how it is processed;
  • Additional safeguards we have put in place which could limit the impact on the individuals, such a data minimization, privacy enhancing technologies; increased transparency, the right to opt-out, and data portability.

The record of the balancing assessment is saved, so that we can demonstrate the considerations we have made. When doing the balancing assessment, we require that all requirements for the individuals’ rights are fulfilled. We also undertake technical and organizational measures to secure the individuals data.

Last but not least it’s important to know that with the entry of the GDPR in 2018 nothing has changed about the legislation regarding direct marketing. This law might be different in each country.

Please contact us for tailor-made advice or more information about privacy laws via +31(0)20 705 2360 of We’re here to help!

BoldData only works with databases that are updated daily. All decision-makers are called every year to check their details. Moreover, the databases are updated with information from the European Union, financial statements, internet, trade magazines and industry organizations. In short: the quality and accuracy are outstanding. However, a mailing list can never be 100% up-to-date. For example, a contact that has been checked last week can have a new job the next week. Therefore you need to take a small error rate into account.

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