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Top 100 biggest companies in the Greenland

  • Skattestyrelsen Nuuk
  • Royal Greenland A/S Nuuk
  • Paarsisoq A/S Nuuk
  • Neqi A/S
  • Permagreen Grønland A/S Nuuk
  • Ineos E&P Grønland A/S Nuuk
  • Greenland Gas & Oil A/S Nuuk
  • Inland Ice ApS Nuuk
  • Koldco Greenland ApS Nuuk
  • Wiwaex ApS Nuuk
  • Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq Nuuk
  • Kommune Kujalleq Qaqorttoq
  • Tusass A/S Nuuk
  • Politimesteren I Grønland Nuuk
  • Suluk ApS
  • Paamiut Politi
  • Sigguk Uummannaq ApS Nuuk
  • Avannaa Seafood ApS
  • Arctic Fish Greenland A/S Nuuk
  • Polar Seafood Upernavik ApS Upernaviarssuk
  • Uummannaq Seafood A/S
  • Maniitsoq Seafood ApS Nuuk
  • E. Pihl & Søn, Grønland ApS Under Konkurs Nuuk
  • Kriminalforsorgen I Grønland Nuuk
  • Betoncentralen af 15/7-1976 ApS Nuuk
  • Ikkamiut Seafood A/S Under Konkurs
  • Tunitsivik Paamiut A/S Under Konkurs
  • Brøndum Grønland A/S Nuuk
  • Nukissiorfiit Grønlands Energiforsyning
  • Greenland Adventures ApS Under Tvangsopløsning Kulusuk
  • Kalaallit Nunaanni Brugseni Nuuk
  • A/S Hotel Arctic, Ilulissat
  • Nuuk Imeq A/S
  • Nuup Bussii A/S Nuuk
  • Qajaq Trawl A/S Nuuk
  • Nuuk Værft A/S Nuuk
  • Sikuki Nuuk Harbour A/S Nuuk
  • Tømrervirksomhed Christian Lennert ApS Under Konkurs
  • Gustav Hansen ApS
  • Nalunaq A/S Nuuk
  • Nukik.IT ApS
  • Arssarnerit A/S Nuuk
  • Polar El A/S
  • Hjemmeside.Gl ApS Nuuk
  • Q-Entreprise ApS Under Konkurs
  • Kujalleq Seafood ApS Under Konkurs Nanortalik
  • Hotel Discobay A/S
  • Ironbark A/S Nuuk
  • Greenland Ruby A/S
  • Hotel Icefiord A/S, Ilulissat
  • Dundas Titanium A/S Nuuk
  • Black Angel Mining A/S Nuuk
  • Sisak Teknik A/S
  • Comby Greenland A/S
  • Lns Greenland A/S
  • Ice Fm ApS Under Tvangsopløsning
  • 60° North Greenland ApS Qaqorttoq
  • Panbo Grønland ApS
  • Phønix Tag Grønland ApS
  • VVS & El Firmaet A/S
  • Qaqortoq Værft A/S, Qaqortup Umitsialiorfia Under Konkurs Qaqorttoq
  • Greenland Holding A/S
  • Formandens Departement Nuuk
  • Wsp Arctic A/S
  • Arctic 83 ApS
  • Niras Greenland A/S
  • G.O. af 01.10.2006 ApS
  • Lars Peter Petersen ApS Under Konkurs Nuuk
  • Nota Bene ApS Nuuk
  • Stark Kalaallit Nunaat A/S Nuuk
  • Knapk Nuuk
  • Albatros Arctic Circle ApS
  • Bogo – Byg og Entreprise ApS Under Konkurs Nuuk
  • Sikuaq Trawl A/S Nuuk
  • Nuummioq Seafood A/S Under Konkurs Nuuk
  • Sermersooq Seafood ApS Nuuk
  • Arctic Prime Coastal ApS Qaqorttoq
  • Arctic Fishery Alliance ApS Nuuk
  • Killiat ApS
  • Sigguk A/S Nuuk
  • Imartuneq Trawl A/S Nuuk
  • Inughuit Seafood A/S
  • Nuuk Lokalreklame A/S Nuuk
  • Avannaa Fisheries ApS Nuuk
  • Uiloq Trawl A/S Nuuk
  • Malik Seafood ApS
  • Greenlandic Seafood Nuuk ApS Nuuk
  • Narsaq Seafood ApS Nuuk
  • Inussulik ApS
  • World Of Greenland A/S
  • Adventure North ApS Nuuk
  • Qulusuk Seafood ApS I Likvidation Kulusuk
  • Isortaq Trawl ApS
  • Salleq ApS
  • Nunaveqartut Fish ApS
  • Nuussuaq Fish ApS Nuuk
  • Air Greenland A/S
  • Royal Arctic Line A/S
  • Arctic Prime Fisheries ApS Qaqorttoq
  • Niisa Trawl ApS Nuuk


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  • Language
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  • National ID
  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • GeoLevel
  • Year Founded

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