Customer Succes Case

How optimized their customer onboarding

Meet ZEN

ZEN is a payment platform used by thousands of e-commerce companies worldwide.

The challenge

Any financial institution that deals with money transfers must check the KYB (Know Your Business) of companies they do business with in order to assess the money laundering risk that they present. ZEN is a high growth start-up with hundreds of new retailers opening a ZEN-account every month. As you can imagine it became increasingly difficult to do a manual compliance check for each new client.

Our solution

Our database covers all 270 million companies worldwide and provides highly accurate financial and legal information. Therefore it’s perfectly compliant with local and global KYB regulations. We optimized ZEN’s onboarding process with our business data API. This API seamlessly connects ZEN’s webforms to our real-time business data. New clients of ZEN simply enter their National ID / Company registration number and our API automatically delivers accurate company information to ZEN in real-time. The result: ZEN complies with KYB rules and saves a lot of time and money by automating their onboarding process.

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