Data Quality: The Foundation of your company

In today's information-driven business environment, maintaining high data quality is not just a goal—it's a necessity. As organizations collect and integrate vast amounts of data, the challenge shifts from mere collection to ensuring the data is accurate, complete, and wholly reliable. Data quality is the cornerstone that supports all strategic decisions, fueling better analytics, customer relationships, and operational efficiency.

What is Data Quality?

Data quality by BoldData refers to the accuracy, completeness, and reliability of data within your business database. High-quality data must be error-free and updated regularly to reflect the true state of customer information, business records, and other critical data sets. Our data quality solutions ensure your database is not only robust but also a reliable foundation for your business decisions.

Let BoldData refresh your customer data in 5 steps

Understanding your goals

Our experts discuss your specific needs to tailor the update process effectively.


Match databases

We use advanced machine learning software for accurate database matching, ensuring the highest match rate in the data enrichment industry.


Free audit

Get a free audit showing data quality and records we can enrich, along with a quote


Data Delivery

Your updated data is returned to you with all the data that you need. From phone numbers and websites to complete company structures.


Empower Your Project

Start saving time and money, boost customer retention, and prospect smarter with high data quality.

Data Fields that we can refresh:

Company Name349842778
Name CEO289842584
Phone number270987178
Contact information108343700
TradeName 14887629
Address2 349842778
PostCode 349842778
City 349842778
Province 80511892
Country 349842778
Mobile phone13381089
Website 18163117
Category (SIC)349842778
Category (NACE)349842778
Global Headquarters37511892
National Headquarters37511892
Local Headquarters37511892

The Importance of Data Quality

Poor data quality can lead to significant business challenges, including misguided strategies, inefficient processes, and lost opportunities. By prioritizing data quality, companies can avoid these pitfalls and ensure their operations are guided by accurate and timely information.

With BoldData’s data quality services, you can:

Detect and Correct Errors: Quickly identify inaccuracies or inconsistencies in your data to maintain its accuracy over time.

Update and Enrich Data: Continuously update and enrich your database with the latest information, keeping it relevant and useful for all business applications.

Enhance Decision Making: Rely on a solid data foundation to make informed decisions that drive business growth and enhance competitive advantage.

Transform Your Data into a Strategic Asset

Don’t let poor data quality undermine your business potential. With BoldData, transform your data into a strategic asset that powers precision in marketing campaigns, enhances customer engagement, and optimizes overall business performance. Our comprehensive data quality solutions are designed to provide you with a database you can trust, turning information into a powerful tool for success.

Ready to Improve Your Data Quality?

Take the first step towards leveraging high-quality data in your business strategy. Contact BoldData today to discuss how our data quality solutions can help you achieve data-driven success. Discover the difference that reliable data can make in unlocking new opportunities and strengthening your market position. Schedule a consultation with our data experts now and take the first step towards data-driven success! Use the form, call +31(0)20 705 2360 or send an email to [email protected].

Take advantage of our industry leading data services

We enrich your database with only the highest quality business data. Our industry leading database consists of 349 million companies worldwide. It welcomes more than 600,000 companies each month and is continually verified and updated for accuracy. The perfect source for data enrichment services. Our company’s data is sourced from reputable public outlets, including Companies House, Chamber of Commerces and Statistics Offices. This commitment to utilizing authoritative sources ensures the accuracy and reliability of the information we provide, allowing us to offer our clients the most up-to-date and credible data available.

Our fancy software, driven by machine learning, excels at ensuring that your data is not only complete but also accurate and reliable. We bridge the gap between your existing data and the rich information you need to make informed decisions and fuel your growth.

Custom advice by data-experts

Enriched data can introduce distractions and confusion, so it’s counterproductive to enrich existing data with additional information that isn’t necessary for your purposes. Data Quality should always serve segmentation—and vice versa. The more you can restrict and “tighten” your data sets to focus on specific target segments, the more ROI you’ll realize on your data quality activities.That’s why our data experts will make a tailor advice before we start the data quality services.


What you can expect from BoldData

  • Worldwide reach, unbeatable local data
  • Robust matching software for better data quality results
  • Privacy compliant: business data you can trust
  • Our customers rate us 8.7 out of 10
  • Data quality services worldwide
  • Business data enriching

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