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NACE code 64 is the Parent Category for financial service companies which includes establishments primarily engaged in Financial service activities, except insurance and pension funding. Have a look at below overview to see which subcategories and countries are available. The price of this NACE code 64 database depends on which countries and subcategories you want to target. Tell us your criteria via the contact form and our data experts will send you a custom made quote. No matter what industry you are in or what product you are offering, we deliver a highly accurate list of companies in NACE 64 for your campaign. We can select your ideal target in NACE 64 based on a large number of criteria: from a specific region and turnover to industry type and number of employees and subcategories. We take care of everything for you! Discover the possibilities in the overview below and request a quote by filling in the contact form.

Countries & subcategories NACE code 64

NACE Code 64 in Russia192901
NACE Code 64 in Spain60961
NACE Code 64 in Italy56661
NACE Code 64 in Poland56544
NACE Code 64 in France50486
NACE Code 64 in Czech Republic39615
NACE Code 64 in Great Britain39352
NACE Code 64 in Belgium39133
NACE Code 64 in Netherlands37276
NACE Code 64 in Norway28241
NACE Code 64 in Germany26965
NACE Code 64 in Switzerland20018
NACE Code 64 in Sweden18403
NACE Code 64 in Finland6377
NACE Code 64 in Slovakia4963
NACE Code 64 in Estonia3905
NACE Code 64 in Austria3179
NACE Code 64 in Lithuania1324
NACE Code 64 in Denmark1032
NACE Code 64 in Latvia619
NACE Code 64 in Greece234
NACE Code 64 in other countries available688189

NACE 64: Financial service activities, except insurance and pension funding

This division includes the activities of obtaining and redistributing funds other than for the purpose of insurance or pension funding or compulsory social security.

Note: National institutional arrangements are likely to play a significant role in determining the classification within this division.

NACE 64.1: Monetary intermediation

This group includes the obtaining of funds in the form of transferable deposits, i.e. funds that are fixed in money terms, obtained on a day-to-day basis and, apart from central banking, obtained from non-financial sources.

CE 64.2: Activities of holding companies

This class includes the activities of holding companies, i.e. units that hold the assets (owning controlling-levels of equity) of a group of subsidiary corporations and whose principal activity is owning the group. The holding companies in this class do not provide any other service to the businesses in which the equity is held, i.e. they do not administer or manage other units.

NACE 64.3: Trusts, funds and similar financial entities

This class includes legal entities organised to pool securities or other financial assets, without managing, on behalf of shareholders or beneficiaries. The portfolios are customised to achieve specific investment characteristics, such as diversification, risk, rate of return and price volatility. These entities earn interest, dividends and other property income, but have little or no employment and no revenue from the sale of services.

This class includes:

  • open-end investment funds
  • closed-end investment funds
  • trusts, estates or agency accounts, administered on behalf of the beneficiaries under the terms of a trust agreement, will or agency agreement
  • unit investment trust funds
NACE 64.9: Other financial service activities, except insurance and pension funding

This group includes financial service activities other than those conducted by monetary institutions.

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  • NACE code 64 database – with headquarters 5452052
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  • NACE code 64 database – with faxnumbers 2642478
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  • NACE code 64 database – with branche offices 187720
  • NACE code 64 database – with exporting companies 127122
  • NACE code 64 database – with importing and exporting companies 31699
  • NACE code 64 database – with importing companies 7206

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  • Job titles Germany
  • CEO (Managing Director, General Manager, Owner) 4684524
  • Human Resource Decision Maker 87931
  • Purchase Manager 63482
  • Marketing Manager 46882
  • Financial Manager 46444
  • Financial Decision Maker 37117
  • IT Decision Maker 36968
  • Marketing Decision Maker 36728
  • Sales Decision Maker 25382
  • IT Manager 18906


Every single contact from our European NACE database with 100 million+ companies comes directly from local sources that are GDPR proof and that use the official NACE classification. These sources include chamber of commerces, market surveys, business listings, directories, magazines, public records, websites, conferences, telephone directories, publishers, social media and commercial partnerships. All our company data is verified by automated processes and human eyes on a ongoing basis. Have an edge against your competition with our comprehensive B2B company database. Ask us for a quote!

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