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Would your product or service be useful to companies that make men’s, women’s, boys’, and girls’ clothing? Reach out and let them know with our accurate apparel manufacturer email list. Our Apparel Manufacturer Business Mailing List includes business data that precisely target new audience for your products and services.

Cover every part of the apparel manufacturer industry with our accurate and complete mailing list. With our highly up-to-date business database you can scale your product or service to apparel manufacturer in 50+ countries. Just ask for a quote by filling in the contact form.

Overview Apparel Manufacturer Industry Mailing List

Clothing, Shoes, Leather Goods, Fur (Manufacture, Wholesale)1575
Hosiery Business (Wholesale)1405
Shoes & Slippers (Wholesale)19998
Shoes: Equipment, Supplies, And Accessories (Manufacture, Wholesale)11157
Gents' Outfitters And Men's Underwear (Wholesale)2609
Discount, Factory Stocks For Professionals3480
Manufacture Of Hosiery Articles1283
Manufacture Of Rope-Soled Sandals144
Manufacture Of Uniforms9697
Buttons (Manufacture, Wholesale)894
Manufacture Of Belts And Braces530
Manufacture Of Shawls, Sashes And Scarves465
Manufacture Of Hats And Hairdressing950
Shoe Manufacture7006
Men's Shirt Manufacture5
Slipper Manufacture2
Protection Clothing And Accessories7874
Necktie Manufacture9803
Manufacture Of Corsets And Bras13
Glove (Manufacture, Wholesale)2213
Ladies' Lingerie (Manufacture, Wholesale)3730
Manufacture Of Bathing Suits And Beach Wear549
Manufacture, Rental And Sale Of Dummies For Window Displays779
Manufacture Of Men's Underwear1530
Manufacture Of Umbrellas And Walking Sticks710
Manufacture Of Underwear2171
Manufacture Of Night Clothes171
Manufacture Of Rainwear And Protective Clothes1242
Manufacture Of Mesh Clothes68
Manufacture Of Women's Clothes20325
Clothes For Babies And Children (Manufacture, Wholesale)7781
Manufacture Of Men's Clothes31667
Subcontractors In Dressmaking And The Apparel Industry1028
Subcontractors In Dressmaking And The Apparel Industry646
Haberdashers (Manufacture, Wholesale)5947
Haberdasheries, Novelties (Retail)8
Dealers Of High Fashion8
Knitwear And Sweaters (Wholesale)127374
Second-Hand Clothing (Wholesale)2535
Professional And Work Clothing (Manufacture And Wholesale)6759
Professional And Work Clothing (Rental And Up-Keep)3916
Clothing And Accessories21125
Clothing And Accessories200
Haberdasheries, Novelties (Manufacture)583
Stockings And Socks (Manufacture, Wholesale)1632
Stockings And Socks (Retail)4628
Clothing Industry (Manufacture, Wholesale)8835
Clothing Industry: Equipment, Supplies And Accessories2953
Men's And Women's Clothing (Wholesale)25465

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