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The travel industry has seen continued growth over the past few decades, and it is now one of the world’s most important sectors, with revenues of $7.6 trillion in 2016.BoldData provides a customized file with all 5.949.903 Travel companies of the highest quality.

Top 50 biggest Travel companies worldwide by revenue

  • Booking Holdings Inc. USA
  • Avis Budget Group, Inc. USA
  • The Boeing Company USA
  • Thor Industries, Inc. USA
  • CARNIVAL PLC UnitedKingdom
  • QATAR AIRWAYS GROUP (Q.C.S.C.) Australia
  • MOL Magyar Olaj- és Gázipari Nyilvánosan Müködö Részvénytársaság Hungary
  • Iron Horse Investors LLC USA
  • Southwest Airlines Co. USA
  • Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V. Netherlands
  • Mondelez International, Inc. USA
  • PH F AND I CAPE TOWN (PTY) LTD South Africa
  • HHD AG Switzerland
  • Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. USA
  • The Hertz Corporation USA
  • United Airlines, Inc. USA
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. USA
  • ARCANDOR AG Germany
  • Bae Systems Holdings Inc. USA
  • DB Regio AG Germany
  • BF International Travel AG Switzerland
  • Lems I LLC USA
  • Delta Air Lines, Inc. USA
  • Regents of The University of Michigan USA
  • The Hearst Corporation USA
  • Ford Motor Credit Company LLC USA
  • Hewlett-Packard The Hague B.V. Netherlands
  • General Dynamics Corporation USA
  • Deere & Company USA
  • WORLD TRAVEL (PTY) LTD South Africa
  • Qvc, Inc. USA
  • MTCH AG Switzerland
  • The Travelers Companies Inc USA
  • Airbus Operations GmbH Germany
  • Asig Canada Ltd Canada
  • Inter Chalet Ferienhaus AG Switzerland
  • Bae Systems, Inc. USA
  • First Student, Inc. USA
  • Carnival Corporation USA
  • Hotelplan Management AG Switzerland
  • United Airlines Holdings, Inc. USA
  • Jetblue Airways Corporation USA
  • Twdc Enterprises 18 Corp. USA
  • Rental Car Intermediate Holdings, LLC USA

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The global tourism sector currently accounts for around 9.9% of the world’s employment. When it comes to securing new sales and contracts, finding the decision makers in this huge workforce is essential. We can select your perfect Travel companies list on a large number of characteristics: from region to turnover, sector and the number of employees. Discover some of the options in the overview below and request a free quote via the contact form.Are you looking for a different industry region, city or country? No problem: we can help you worldwide with addresses in all industries.

Travel Companies List

Travel companies list worldwide5949903
Airports And Airport Services14245
Travel Agencies - Travel companies list 218954
Holiday Clubs And Villages16090
Garages, Caretaking For Caravans6104
Tourist Guides And Guide Interpreters3004
Car Rental: Tourism And Commercial98134
Car Rental With Driver list of Travel companies 8228
Rental Of Caravans, Mobile Homes And Camper Vans5618
Tourist Organisations Travel companies list 18935
Tourism Offices And Tourist Information Bureaus22557
Marinas - Travel companies list 8193
Tourist Small Motorboats And Boats3227
Camping And Caravan Grounds61423
Tourism: Sites, Organised Tours And Places Of Interest24728
Sales Of Caravans, Mobile Homes And Camper Vans15677
Sales And Repairs Of Camping And Caravaning Items And Accessories2064
Sales And Repairs Of Camping And Caravaning Items And Accessories12457
Scouting Products Travel companies list 6
Coaches (Operation And Services Of)16329
Cars For Ceremonies list of Travel companies 5503
Animal And Zoological Parks16275
Tourism Transport By Coach19911
Caves list of Travel companies 2
Renting Villas Abroad19
Renting Of Inhabitable Yachts100
Naturism list of Travel companies 2
Travel companies list in may more categories2

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This a DDMA accreditated, premium companies list which is continuously updated by various sources such as the global industry associations, Chamber of commerces, Central Insolvency Register for receiverships and bankruptcies, Central Statistics Offices, Market Reports, News and press releases, Publishers, Branch Organizations, Internet and deep web (Big Data).

At BoldData, we’re devoted to make information on companies and executives more usable and more widely available. All our lists have been checked on an ongoing basis. The amount of data available is constantly increasing, every day there is more information than before. How we collect, organize and analyze the data is what makes us different. We take live data from a wide range of authoritative sources, combine it and present it clearly. Therefore it is impossible to reach 100% accuracy. Keep in mind a small error rate with our custom lists.

Our travel companies list covers 100% of all travel companies worldwide. Here’s the list of largest countries our data covers:

  • Travel  companies USA 3297848
  • Travel  companies Europe 3045781
  • Travel  companies France 2777190
  • Travel  companies Asia 2187849
  • Travel  companies in Russia 1612954
  • Travel  companies list in Italy 1257057
  • Travel  companies Germany 1223364
  • Travel companies Canada 1121310
  • Travel  companies list Spain 1036497
  • Travel  companies UK 1028303
  • Travel  companies in Australia 529335
  • Travel  companies in Netherlands 333819
  • Travel  companies Canada 1121310
  • Travel  companies list Switzerland 1036497
  • Travel  companies list Sweden 1028303

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