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PostNL joins forces with BoldData for international campaigns

Royal Dutch Mail

PostNL (Royal Dutch Mail) is the premier provider of postal and parcel services in the Netherlands. With 13 offices and partners in 190 countries, they offer a reliable network for the delivery of mail and parcels. Not just in The Netherlands, but also abroad.

Help more clients with International mail

PostNL wants to strengthen its’ role as a leading player in the international mail- and parcel market by helping companies to reach out to new customers around the world. Not just by delivering brochures, catalogues and other direct mail, but also by providing the matching international data to target prospects. Therefore PostNL was looking for a trusted international data partner.

BoldData brings international expertise to the table

PostNL has joined forces with BoldData to support its’ international direct mail campaigns. Why were the right data partner for PostNL? As an international data expert we offer global reach, but local quality. Meaning all our data is locally sourced and therefore of the highest value. Moreover we’re a sparring partner who truly understands international data and its’ local dynamics, laws and challenges. We bring deep international expertise to the table, enabling PostNL to exceed expectations. Over the past years we’ve become the exclusive data partner for all PostNL account managers and supported many international campaigns. From a campaign to 1 million auto repair shops in Europe to a Nike mailing to all sports clubs in Germany.

Find new clients worldwide

Target your audience with extreme precision. Anywhere in the world.

High quality data is the foundation of your direct marketing strategy. Our verified, accurate and trusted database combines worldwide reach, with unbeatable local expertise. Whether you want to talk to managers of 5-star hotels in Europe or start-ups in Germany: we target your audience with extreme precision.

Make a bold move into new markets. We have the right data for all your direct marketing campaigns.

  • Direct mail

    341 million postal addresses
  • Email marketing

    48 million e-mail addresses
  • Telemarketing

    105 million phone numbers
  • Social media

    28 million contacts for Facebook or LinkedIn campaigns
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