Customer Succes Case

How Zalando maintained their leading position in Europe

Meet Zalando

Zalando is a multi-national E-commerce company based in Berlin, Germany. The company follows a platform approach, offering fashion and lifestyle products to customers in 23 European markets.


Zalando is following the ‘Amazon model’ by allowing merchants and clothing retailers to sell on their platform. Online fashion is a highly competitive market with new platforms launching all the time. To maintain their leading position, Zalando urgently needed more merchants to join their platform. However, Zalando’s sales team was running dry of leads.

Our solution

We put our fashion companies database to work for Zalando. This database covers 3.6 million clothing retailers, apparel companies and fashion merchants. We delivered a custom selection of fashion companies to the CRM system of Zalando. The Zalando sales team could instantly start reaching out to new merchants at scale. This enabled Zalando to maintain their leading position as the largest e-commerce platform for fashion.

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