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How Book a Tiger outsmarts the competition with our start-up data

Order cleaning service online

Book a Tiger is the first digital facility services company with a full service and supply solution for businesses and households. More than 1.000 companies of all sizes and several thousand private households use the cleaning service.

Grow in competitive b2b markets

Book a Tiger wants to grow faster in the business market in The Netherlands and Germany. The problem? Lots of companies already have a cleaning service. Arguments such as ‘we’re cheaper’ or ‘we’re better’ are not persuasive enough, as many offices are happy with their cleaning service. Leaving the sales team with little effective sales calls.

Start-up database

At BoldData we understand the frustration of cold calling with no result (we’ve all been there). In many industries the good old price/quality argument doesn’t cut it anymore. In this case you need to outsmart the competition. With high value data for example. This is where BoldData comes in. We created a custom data license to match Book a Tigers specific needs. With this license Book a Tiger has unlimited access to our startup database in Amsterdam and Berlin. The company receives weekly updates on all new startups. Enabling to the sales team to directly contact brand-new companies who are still looking for a cleaning service. The result: a massive rise in the number of effective sales calls.

Find new clients worldwide

Target your audience with extreme precision. Anywhere in the world.

High quality data is the foundation of your direct marketing strategy. Our verified, accurate and trusted database combines worldwide reach, with unbeatable local expertise. Whether you want to talk to managers of 5-star hotels in Europe or start-ups in Germany: we target your audience with extreme precision.

Make a bold move into new markets. We have the right data for all your direct marketing campaigns.

  • Direct mail

    341 million postal addresses
  • Email marketing

    48 million e-mail addresses
  • Telemarketing

    105 million phone numbers
  • Social media

    28 million contacts for Facebook or LinkedIn campaigns
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