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How Booking Emerged as the Global No.1 Hotel Booking Platform


Our journey with began when we had the privilege of joining forces with this industry titan., a global leader in online accommodation booking, had a remarkable presence in many regions. However, there were areas where their platform was yearning for more options. They sought to broaden their offerings in countries like Germany, Norway, and Italy, where their coverage was not as extensive as they desired.

The Challenge: Expanding Possibilities in Untapped Markets

The challenge was clear – needed to bolster its presence in these regions by increasing the number of bookable properties. To do so, they required comprehensive hotel data, including contact information for hotel owners, villa proprietors, apartment managers, and B&B hosts. This data would not only help them expand their coverage but also empower their sales team to make significant strides in the number of bookable properties.

Crafting Solutions: Fueling's Growth with Comprehensive Data

Armed with our commitment to providing data solutions that drive growth, we embarked on a mission to deliver the essential hotel data needed. Our meticulous data collection and validation processes ensured that the information we provided was accurate and up-to-date.


In collaboration with, we curated a rich repository of hotel data, encompassing an extensive array of properties in Germany, Norway, and Italy. This dataset included not only the essential details of the accommodations but also crucial contact information for property owners and managers. Armed with this treasure trove of data,’s sales team had the tools they needed to approach property owners and forge valuable partnerships.


The Transformation:The impact of our partnership with was nothing short of transformative. With the newly acquired hotel data,’s sales team embarked on a journey of growth and expansion. They were able to engage with property owners and managers effectively, presenting them with the benefits of joining the platform.


The results were astounding. Thanks to our data-driven solutions, witnessed a remarkable 134% growth in the number of bookable properties in Germany, Norway, and Italy. This exponential increase not only expanded their footprint in these countries but also enriched their offerings, providing travelers with an even wider range of accommodation choices.


Conclusion:Our collaboration with exemplifies the power of data in driving growth and transformation. Together, we enabled to overcome the challenges they faced and unlock new horizons for their platform. This success story stands as a testament to the incredible possibilities that emerge when data meets determination and innovation. It reinforces our commitment to providing data solutions that empower businesses to thrive and reach new heights.


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