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10 million new URLS for Lead Forensics

Meet Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics is B2B software that identifies anonymous website visitors, providing full contact details and customer journey insight. Lead Forensics software provides salespeople with the missing information from website visitors necessary to convert them into a lead. With an increasing number of clients, the company has established itself as #1 in website visitor identification.


Most website design and management solutions only offer statistics like the number of visitors, and number of visits, but no detailed information on the profile of website visitors. Lead Forensics creates detailed information with a complete customer journey. This detailed information is sourced via the URL of the website visitor. That is why it’s vital for Lead Forensics to have a company database with high coverage of websites/urls. Even in this digital age it’s extremely hard to find reliable and GDPR proof sources with high coverage of URLS.

Our solution

With 20 million websites, our worldwide company database has the highest coverage of websites that is available on the market. For Lead Forensics we created a custom selection with 10 million small and medium sized companies in Europe. Each month our custom database is refreshed and pushed in JSON format to the data team of Lead Forensics. Yes, that’s right: our data fuelled the success of many SaaS, AI and data-driven companies.

Find new clients worldwide

Seize New Opportunities with Confidence: Harness the Power of Our Precision URL Database

High quality data is the foundation of your data driven startup. Consider this: your data-hungry startup can tap into BoldData’s data resources, accelerating your machine learning models, fine-tuning your algorithms, and enabling you to make more informed decisions.

Make a bold move into new markets. We have the right data for all your data driven applications

  • Website Data

    45 million websites
  • Company Data

    341 million postal addresses
  • Email marketing

    48 million e-mail addresses
  • Telemarketing

    185 million phone numbers
  • Historical Data

    5 years of historical revenue
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